Yes, Racists & Homophobes Are Dumber Than Everyone Else

It doesn’t seem to surprise anyone that the large majority of Trump voters are white males without college degrees since uneducated people seem to be the most racist, but did you ever stop to wonder why that is?

A new study analyzed prejudice and its relation to cognitive ability and found that the dumber you are, the more likely you are to be racist, homophobic, and anti-liberal. On the contrary, the smarter you are, the more likely you are to hate super conservative peeps.

After analyzing 5,914 subjects, researchers Mark Brandt and Jarret Crawford found that the people with low cognitive ability generally have prejudice against people with liberal views, as well as people that have “low choice” in their status such as their race, gender, or sexual orientation. Cool. And unsurprising.

For smart people, the opposite occurred. Those with higher cognitive ability had prejudice against people with conservative views and lifestyles, people who had “high choice.”

“People dislike people who are different from them,” Brandt and Crawford matter of factly stated to Broadly.

That makes sense, but isn’t it kind of backwards that dumb people particularly hate people for reasons that they have no choice in? Like due to their race or their sexual orientation?

Then again, what can we expect from people who aren’t educated?

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