Skate Maloley’s Ultimate Guide To Love

If you thought you were over crushing on stoners before, think again.

Skate Maloley is a rapper from Nebraska, but he’s got the swag and good looks of a born and bred Los Angelian, plus a slight Southern drawl which makes him that more endearing.

Skate was recently nominated for the “Next Big Thing” award at the Teen Choice Awards, and his next project is set to be released early next month. We talked with Skate about his ultimate booty playlist, what it’s like to date a stoner, and how he got the name “Skate.”

Can you give us your ultimate hookup playlist?

Ignition Remix – R. Kelly
Birthday sex – Jerimih
There Goes My Baby – Usher
Work – Rihanna
Marvins Room – Drake
HYFR – Drake
Planes – Jeremiah
Horses in the Stable – Ty Dolla Sign
Or Nah- Ty Dolla Sign
5 o’ Clock – T-pain
Girls I Used To F*ck ft. King Los – Skate

You were rolling around NYC in an ice cream truck the other day, can you tell us a little about that?

We were just causing a scene for press purposes, giving back to the fans with some ice cream. It was really fun, we were blasting my new project through the streets and making the cops hate us.

What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Chocolate…actually cookies and cream.

Your real name is Nate, so why the name Skate?

It actually started because when I was a child my mom used to call me Skate as a nickname. I hadn’t heard the name all through high school and then I went to college for a year and played basketball and my coach started calling me Skate out of nowhere. I was trying to find a rapper name that whole time and Skate just kind of stuck.

It makes sense if everyone was already calling you that.

Yeah, it was just kinda there organically.

When you quit basketball after a year to focus more on music, did you face any criticisms from people?

That was always hard for me because growing up my dad played basketball and my uncles played, so it was like I was supposed to follow in those footsteps. Being on the side rapping about some of the things that I enjoy doing, it was kind of frowned upon as an athlete. My dad was always like, “make sure you’re focusing on the right things.”

It was always hard, but I just kept on doing it. It was hard as an athlete because you’re over here drinking, smoking, talking about this and that on one side, and you’re supposed to be super clean working out on the other side.

You were nominated for the “Next Big Thing award at the Teen Choice Awards, what was the coolest part about that?

You know, the funniest part is that I didn’t even go to the awards show. It was a cool nomination, I was proud of myself and my fans for getting me into that. I think I should’ve gone, but I just see bigger things than Teen Choice Awards, I see myself in a different lane. But it was cool because all the other artists nominated were on labels and I wasn’t.

What track on Skaterade was most important to you?

The most important actually would probably have to be “Get Ya Doe Up” because it was more of a turning point in my career because I had Chevy Woods as a feature. He was a part of Taylor Gang so growing up I listened to Wiz and them. Doing a feature with him was really cool and important for me, especially doing that independently.

What’s the best type of weed to smoke before hooking up?

Indica because it puts you in a relaxing and stress-free state, it gives you a chill vibe.

Why do stoners make the best boyfriends?

I wouldn’t necessarily say that stoners make the best boyfriends, but I think it more has to do with the relationship that you have. How you communicate, what you do to have fun. I don’t think it really has to do with smoking weed.

Would you ever date a girl who didn’t smoke?

Yeah, of course. I think it just has to do with how you act towards each other. Girls who smoke are cool and girls who don’t smoke are cool, it just depends on the person.

Yeah, I feel like there are couples where all they do is smoke together and you don’t want that.

That [can be] good and bad, it just depends on how those people act together. Are they going to be lazy together or get on each others’ asses about doing shit? I don’t think the weed really determines anything in what I see in a woman.

Where do you get your weed when you’re on tour?

I gotta be careful about how I answer that one…I get it in other states, I don’t usually bring it with me. Somehow it ends up showing up where I’m at.

It’s good having a big fan base I’m sure…

Yeah it’s good having a big fan base. I work closely in the marijuana community so I met a lot of friends in that community who will do things for me. It’s all tight, we’re all one big family.

What’s the freakiest DM you’ve ever received?

I don’t really know off the top of my head, but there’s a lot of them. People be saying the craziest, raunchiest stuff. I don’t know a specific one, but just know that they’re raunchy.

Would you ever date a fan?

Of course. It would just have to depend on her and how she acts towards me. I don’t think it would be weird at all, she would just have to be down with the life and the movement. I think that’s hard for a lot of girls. It would just have to be the right circumstances and the right girl for me.

Photos by Amber Asaly

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