Skizzy Mars has the Sex Playlist of your Dreams

Skizzy Mars seems to be one of those artists that you can’t completely fit into a genre. Sure, he raps and generally gets labeled as a rapper. But, he also sings and tends to choose melodies that aren’t so typical for the average “rapper.” Not only do we fall in love with every song he puts out, we love the way he’s captured New York City living so perfectly through his music. We sat down with Skizzy and found out his favorite places in the city, why he always tends to sing about girls (he especially likes ones in yoga pants), and the top 5 songs on his sex playlist.

Photo Credit Ashley Uzer

A lot of your music seems to reflect growing up in New York, do you think your music would be different if you didn’t grow up here?

100% absolutely. I think that you can say “I’m so New York” or “I’m so this, I’m so that,” but I think New York is me. If I grew up somewhere else so many things would be different about me. I was able to grow up and experience the full spectrum of Manhattan. I lived in Harlem, I went to school on the Upper East Side which is totally different than Harlem. A lot more wealth and exclusivity, if you will. When I was 15 or 16 I started going to clubs, so I really got into the downtown- Soho, The Bowery. So by the time I was 19, I knew all of Manhattan. From that point on, I was exposed to a lot of things at an early age, I met a lot of people from a lot of places. I think one of the main things is that I was exposed to a lot of different music. There were shows every weekend. I would go to Terminal 5 and see Rusko, I saw Kid Cudi and Phoenix. I saw Kanye and Pharrell. There was just so much going on in the city, I think that’s really made me who I am, all those influences. I’m just a city kid.

What are your favorite spots to go out in the city?

Personally, I have this song called ‘Be Lazy‘ and I’ve been pretty lazy recently. But, my favorite spots- when we were younger we used to go to Lavo, but I haven’t been there in a while. Now I go to Gilded Lily a lot, I like 1Oak, I like Up n’ Down. I like places like this [The Bowery Hotel] where I can just have a drink like The Harvard Club or The Mercer, just have a drink and have a conversation with someone. I like to chill.

When you’re “being lazy,” what are you watching on Netflix?

I finished Californication, I’ve seen every episode of Mad Men. I finished The Wire, I watch this show called The Knick, which is with Clive Owen. It’s unreal. It’s about The Knickerbocker Hotel in 1900 New York, and it’s about a neurosurgeon in this time where you could kill someone if they had a hernia and you messed up. So that’s kind of what I’ve been watching, I watch a lot of TV.

You’ve tweeted about writing while intoxicated, does that happen a lot?

Yeah, sure, it does.

Do you think that you write better that way?

I wouldn’t say better, I would say that’s subjective. I was on Instagram the other day- I don’t read all the comments- there was one kid who said “Skizzy, I used to be a fan of you, but I found out you do drugs and I’m not a fan anymore.” I don’t respond, but my whole thing is that to me drugs are a part of life. I know I have a lot of young fans and I don’t feel that I endorse drugs or glamorize them at all, but in the situation that I grew up with, the access to the things that I had, it wouldn’t be fair for me to not tell the full story. So when I say in ‘Be Lazy,’ “I got the Xanax and the Percocet,” I don’t pop percs everyday, but I’m familiar with the lifestyle. For me it’s more about telling the truth. I think two of the biggest things in life are romance and drugs. With that being said, I do write intoxicated a lot. The Red Balloon Project was a project I made this last summer and I was very intoxicated throughout the entire process. I think we go through phases and that was a phase. Maybe as I get older I’ll stop smoking weed, right now I can never see myself not smoking weed, but who knows what’ll happen.

Photo Credit Ashley Uzer

You’ve rapped about high school girls, and performed at UVA last weekend. What’s the difference between high school girls and college girls?

All girls are fascinating to me, women in general. I rap alot about girls because the female psychology is very interesting to me. I can’t really answer that because there’s no one type of girl. I played at Union College on Saturday night, which is my old school that I dropped out of. The girls there, they’re very like- I don’t want to say anything to offend anyone, I judge a lot. But, they’re very Massachusetts, Connecticut. I play in Boston, and those girls are a certain way. I play in Atlanta, those girls are a certain way. I play at southern colleges like Ole Miss and Alabama, those girls care very much about how they look in terms of the blonde hair being done, very sorority vibes. The girls I grew up with in New York are different from other girls in New York. I went to school on the Upper East Side which are some of the richest kids in the country. Those girls are a bit different from the girls I meet in Iowa City. It doesn’t mean they’re any less beautiful, or worth any less. I just like traveling and meeting women and talking to them and seeing what they have to say. It gives me a lot of content and things to write about.

What type of girls do you usually go for?

Pretty ones. Pretty ones that have stories, that have things going for them in their lives. That’s really it. I enjoy a girl that I can have a conversation with, just sit down and talk. Obviously beauty is important, but I also enjoy flaws, I think we all have flaws and I think we should embrace that. Most importantly, I like women that have plans and are somewhat independent in terms of going for what they want.

Who’s your dream collaboration?

Now, Kanye West I would say. I hate to say Kanye because it’s so cliche, but he’s my idol to the max. Some other people I’d like to work with now are Travis Scott, Vic Mensa, who’s an up and coming rapper. Some bands that I grew up on, The Killers and Phoenix are two bands that I f***ing love.

Photo Credit Ashley Uzer

What are some songs that you would put on your sex playlist?
Do You There‘- Skizzy Mars ft. Marc E. Bassy
The Fall‘- Rhye
Rock With You‘- Michael Jackson
Talamak‘- Toro Y Moi
Climax‘- Usher – I would leave it at that.

Would you ever date a girl that didn’t smoke?

Yeah. If she didn’t have any problem with me smoking all the time, absolutely.

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What’s the worst thing about girls your age?

A lack of ambition, a sense of entitlement. Which I deal with as well, it’s not just girls, it’s just kids our age. I think the worst thing is a sense of entitlement and this social climbing, social media era that we’re in where everything is about followers and likes and not actual substance. There are so many girls I know that are beautiful, talented girls, but they care more about likes and selfies, than actually having a conversation.

If one of your fans was visiting NYC for the first time, what places would you tell them to check out?

I’ll do some categories. If you want some good food, I’d say go to to J.G. Mellon for a burger. Some good sushi; Sushi of Gari, Sushi Seki, 1 or 8 in Brooklyn. If you want a good drink I recommend The Bowery, Harvard Club, Bar and Books. If you want to have a night out, like I said before 1Oak is cool, Gilded Lily is pretty cool, Up n’ Down is cool. there’s a place called Space Ibiza they just built which is more of a rager type spot. If you’re on your tourist vibes, The Met always has amazing exhibits, and so does the Guggenheim. Honestly just walk around, go downtown and walk around and see how beautiful and all the people you’ll see, it’s inspiring.

What’s the coolest/craziest thing a fan has done for you?

I’ve had girls say “Skizzy I’ll suck your dick, just let me on the bus.” That’s pretty ridiculous. I could tell you some things, G-Eazy brought me on tour when I was 19 years old, right out of high school. Girls for G, you know, it’s gotten to the point where it’s absurd now, but even then. We’d have girls banging on the tour bus, asking to get in and they’d be under eighteen. We would always make sure every girl was over 18. Girls would be like, “No, I just want to suck G’s dick for ten minutes please, please, please.” I’m finally reaching the point where I’m at that point where I don’t want girls like that. You have girls in the crowd on their friend’s shoulders flashing you, throwing bras on the stage, grabbing you and putting their hands in your pants. Girls get crazy. I don’t make music for women, I think I have a ton of guy fans too, but I think I make music that doesn’t disrespect women, and I think even if it’s subconsciously, girls really appreciate that. If you listen to my songs I’m never denigrating women. I don’t call women bitches or hoes. It’s all about love and reality.

Fill In The Blank:

I’m a sucker for girls wearing: yoga pants.

The last thing I purchased was: A bacon, egg, and cheese on a roll.

If I could f*** A mix between Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner  I would die happy.

The last time I got too turnt I: Fell over at G-Eazy’s concert and had to be cut off. 

If I wake up hungover, Im eating: I’m not eating, I’m smoking and staying in bed drinking coffee.

If I see a girl I’m into at a bar I will: Hopefully she knows who I am, I’ll introduce myself, and wherever it goes from there we call that vibes. So, if we have good vibes we’ll keep talking, If not I’ll say peace and see another girl. 

What are you most excited for on tour?

Just the idea of being able to headline. I’ve been on two national, 30+ city tours with G-Eazy and Logic who have obviously blown up since then. To be able to go to 34 cities as the guy, I don’t care if there are 100 kids there, they’re all there for me. That’s what I’m most excited for, every single night being able to play my songs. Watching kids sing along with the words. Definitely with the release of The Red Balloon, we’re starting to see tangible results of years of work and I’m only 21 so I’m stoked, I leave Friday. Our first stop is Pittsburgh.

Buy tickets to see Skizzy Mars on The Red Balloon Tour HERE. (P.S. We got a sneak peek of the setlist, and you won’t be disappointed!)

Photo Credit Ashley Uzer


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