Selena Gomez Skipped T Swift’s Squad BBQ to Sing Along to Katy Perry Songs

As we’ve previously noted, Selena Gomez skipped T Swift’s squad BBQ party yesterday.


Because Selena decided she’d rather celebrate her freedom by singing along to Katy Perry songs.

Are you upset right now?

Because we are LIVID.

If you weren’t too drunk to catch up on social media before you went to bed last night, then you probably noticed that Selena Gomez threw her own house party last night which included very fun, very normal activities like listening to Drake, jumping into swimming pools, and making your butt bounce for the camera.

hostess vibes. Happy 4th everyone!

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However, the party also included singing along to everybody’s favorite Katy Perry song “Firework,” which Selena had the AUDACITY to record on Snapchat for THE ENTIRE WORLD, INCLUDING HER SUPPOSED BFF TAYLOR to see.

Obviously this is a VERY SERIOUS problem because even though “Firework” is practically a 4th of July anthem, how DARE Selena turn her back on Taylor that way?

Never mind that Selena owes Katy a solid after maybe hooking up with Katy’s boyfriend a couple months ago, she’s Taylor’s BFF first, right?!?

Some things are just sacred.

After all, if you can’t trust your best friend, what’s the point in even having a squad?

And once one squad member turns, won’t it just only be a matter of time before one by one, all your friends leave your side for greener, less regulated pastures, no matter how many red, white and blue onesies you make let them wear?

Pray for everybody involved in this very serious, and not at all ridiculously overblown feud right now.

They all need it.

[H/T Elite Daily]

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