Here’s Who Could Have Killed Chad On Scream Queens Last Night

All this season of Scream Queens had going for it was Chad Radwell, Denise Hemphill, and Dr. Dean Munsch, and now all we’re left with is Dean Munsch. This week we found out that Chad is actually dead, and so is my soul. Denise might survive being defibrillated 10 times (can that actually kill you?), but we’re not going to survive the season. With so few characters left on the show that we actually care about, killing off one, maybe two (Chanel #5, again) characters is not a risky move, it’s dumb.

In general, this episode was a snooze-fest. There wasn’t really a plot other than throw-together-a-Halloween-party-where-everyone-will-die and a bunch of kind of funny, but not laugh out loud funny, jokes. The highlights of the episode were the Denise Hemphill Chad Radwell flashbacks — the Brokeback Mountain was particularly funny, but that was the highpoint of the episode…plus now they’re both dead.

Let’s talk about Chad’s death. It’s the only death that we don’t see committed on screen, which makes me believe that it wasn’t actually done by the Green Meanie. Considering the suspicious nature of his will, it seems obvious that he might have been killed by Munsch, but I’m pretty sure she’s still filthy rich, so that seems like a weird dead end. He also could have been killed by Dr. Holt because of Chanel-jealousy, although that also seems unlikely considering he already bounced back from that one and landed in Munsch’s arms. At this point, I think Hester probably did it, even if that is supposed to be virtually impossible with her locked up in a cage and all.

Chad’s death was the final straw in letting Hester out for Halloween so he could have been the bait she needed to get what she wanted. Hester was on the loose and didn’t stop the Green Meanie from killing Chanel #5, which might mean they’re in cahoots. But it also looked like Hester was backing down by lowering her knife, otherwise they could have killed her together. Hester might be afraid of whoever the Green Meanie is.

Also if Denise is actually dead, what does that mean for Hester’s get out of jail for one night deal? It didn’t seem like anyone else knew that Denise let Hester out, so if Hester AWOL? This season is slow and convoluted enough as is, I’m not sure that we can really handle another rival serial killer team.

The rest of the characters, with the exception of Chanel, were not very relevant or present– which has been the status-quo this season. So, there’s also the possibility that the Green Meanie is one of the lurking secondary characters.

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