‘Scream Queens’ Season 2, Ep. 3: Losing Our Patients

The third episode of Scream Queens finally rectified some of the feelings of disappointment and disdain that this season has brought on. This week’s episode was actually interesting and funny, unlike the rest of the season so far. Hopefully the first couple of episodes were just a little awk from trying to bridge the gap between the first and second season. Either way, things seem to be getting back on track.

In the first two episodes we rarely saw all three Chanels together except when reintroducing them and the what-have-they-been-up-to flashbacks. The episodes had focused on Chanel and Dr. Holt, Chanel #3 and Dr. Cassidy and Chanel #5 and another one of her now-dead boyfriends.

When the Chanels discover the wart-boy’s dead body (sorry I really can’t keep up with the names of all of the one episode characters), balance was restored. The girls argue over the dead body before the idea of putting the body in a meat locker comes up again. They ditch that idea when Dean Munsch shows up and they agree to throw the body in the swamp.

Through a series of shenanigans Chad Radwell ends up a) as the prime suspect b) engaged to Chanel c) dead. This was really the only death so far in the show that I’ve cared about. Chad’s character was a nice juxtaposition to the semi snooze fest that is Dr. Holt and Dr. Cassidy. Although I’m hopeful that he’s just severely injured and not actually dead.

Speaking of Dr. Cassidy, he still bores me to death. In this episode we find out he’s “dead” but I really don’t care. His rationale for why he’s dead is also not entirely sound. Apparently, he woke up one night after binge drinking with vomit all over himself. The rest of his “evidence” is that dogs don’t bark at him anymore and his body temperature is really cold none of which are really a smoking gun. If anything Dr. Cassidy sounds a little dramatic — this kind of sounds like a bad hangover.

Although this episode was more engaging, I’m still not as invested as I was in the first season and it has to do with the dying characters. In the first season we are introduced to all of the characters within the first episode via the sorority and fraternity. When they start to die off there’s some emotional attachment to (or at least interest in) them. In this season every episode we see a new patient being brought to the hospital and we also see them killed off the very same episode. It’s hard to care when we can’t even remember their names.

The episode ended with a few major events. When the never-ending-orgasms-patient is killed, the Green Meanie also tries to presumably (and unsuccessfully) murder Chamberlain, but makes no attempt to hurt Zayday. The whole scene raises some interesting questions. If the Green Meanie managed to throw his blade around a curved corridor to kill the orgasms patient surely Chamberlain would actually be dead if that was his goal.

The fact that he didn’t kill Chamberlain or Zayday raises two interesting theories. Right now I’m thinking that Chamberlain is working with the Green Meanie and staged the whole situation so that he wouldn’t be suspected. Chamberlain also has a big ol’ crush on Zayday which would explain why she was spared. My second theory is that Zayday and the baby of the widow from the first episode are somehow related — maybe separated at birth.

Maybe we’ll find out next week.

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