RYAL’s newest release is bound to Stay with you

RYAL is a musical duo that has been making waves in the alternative synth scene. The project is composed of Jacque RYAL, a talented singer with a mesmerizing voice, and Aaron Nevezie, a skilled musician and producer who brings his own unique style to the mix. Together, they create music that is both experimental and accessible, blending electronic and acoustic sounds in a way that is both dreamy and ethereal.

RYAL’s music is characterized by its haunting melodies, intricate rhythms, and atmospheric textures. They draw inspiration from a wide range of sources, including pop, rock, electronic, and classical music. Their songs are often introspective and reflective, exploring themes of love, loss, and longing.


RYAL’s latest release is a mesmerizing synth-pop track titled “Stay With Me”. The duo took a different approach to writing this song. Rather than passing tracks back and forth, they got together at their home studio, The Bunker Studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and wrote the track collaboratively during a long holiday weekend. “Stay With Me” follows the success of their recent EP “The End is Near Here” and their wellness podcast theme song “Every Body Talks”.

“We wanted this big synth intro. We listened to M83’s Midnight City as a reference and thought we should try and make this M83 meets Daft Punk-inspired track but then the song had other plans for us. It became this dreamy abode.” Jacque about “Stay With Me”

The lyrics speak to the challenges and difficulties that life can bring, but with the promise that everything will be okay as long as they are together. The chorus is a plea for their loved one to stay with them, to forget the outside world, and be together in a peaceful dream. The song is a beautiful tribute to the strength of love and the importance of having someone to hold onto during life’s ups and downs.

RYAL plans to release a remix and an acoustic version of the song starting in October.

Photo credit: Michelle LoBianco

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