Ben Hazlewood Shares new single “Shelter”

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Today, New Zealand pop trailblazer Ben Hazlewood returns with a brand new track entitled “Shelter.”

Earlier this year, Ben Hazlewood shared his first single of 2024, a track entitled “Always There,” followed by “Quiet Hour.” Stay tuned for more from Ben Hazlewood, coming soon.

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Boldly empowering, vastly eclectic, and deeply human songwriting makes up the swiftly expanding repertoire of New Zealand artist and compelling live performer Ben Hazlewood.

Noting over forty million streams, with hundreds of thousands of monthly listeners, Ben is also a renowned winner of MTV’s ‘The Freshmen’ music video competition and continues to shine light on the unrivalled appeal of authentic, heartfelt and fiercely independent artistry.

Backed by a lifetime immersed in the joys of music, Ben’s own father sang in multiple bands across New Zealand, and his mother owned a dance studio. The young singer inevitably found his way towards creative originality at just 14 years old, with the writing of his very first song.

Songwriting allowed Ben to explore and express a plethora of emotions he felt unable to simply speak about – or even make sense of in his mind. Songwriting was cathartic, a way to understand himself and his role within the world. That realness in turn permitted the same sense of oneness and understanding in his audience, and so his rise began.

Openly inspired by some of history’s greatest performers – David Bowie, Janis Joplin, Freddie Mercury, and Stevie Nicks – Ben’s dynamic ability to artistically capture a moment and engage with an audience came naturally. From the purity of his acoustic roots in 2018’s Save Your Sorries, to the dreamy embrace and uplifting groove of 2023’s deeply poetic Hallucinations, Ben’s intimate yet anthemic music forever highlights versatility, whilst maintaining its roots amidst the unfiltered identity of his writing. As such, the very sound of Ben’s voice evokes emotions that feel genuinely connected to the subject matter.

Years of devotion to the artform, balancing work ethic and unrelenting passion for the process, have culminated in the launch of Ben’s latest LP Bloodline. The project tells the story of his life, reflecting upon courage and acceptance with raw emotion, grit, and determination. Despite the struggles Ben has faced, the overall feel of the music is deeply empowering, uplifting, and loaded with hopeful possibility.

Naturally influenced by his own journey through cultural depths, the inception of Bloodline began in Papakōwhai, near Wellington in New Zealand, and spanned throughout three years spent living in London, before relocating to Sydney – where he now resides. Having spent those UK years fronting a rock band, Ben is far from a stranger to the stage – a fact that resounds through his fearlessly confident, captivating presence as a performer.

Even with an ever-expanding audience, Ben continues to keep his personal truth and vulnerability at the forefront of his music. This commitment to celebrating his true self has not only allowed his songs to reach thousands of new listeners but has gained positive feedback from the likes of Huffington Post, Billboard, and Harper’s Bazaar – the latter of which tipped him as “the next big music-fashion crossover.”

Though his journey already notes a multitude of accolades and achievements, not least of all his award for LGBTQI+ Artist of the Year, the 2023 releases of “Fumes,” “Chemical Roulette,” and the biographical project Bloodline, no doubt mark the start of an unmissable new chapter.

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