MkX Fights for Artistic Freedom with “Man on a Mission”

MkX is on a mission, and his new song and music video shows his determination to succeed. “Man on a Mission” is catchy and seductive, a recharging experience born from a declaration of artistic freedom and individuality, brought to life in a visually stunning music video.

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MkX has created a song that speaks volumes about his essence and inspirations. Co-written with hitmakers Myah Marie and Brandon Colbein, “Man on a Mission” is a pulsating electro-pop anthem with influences from R&B and hyperpop that make it stand out. This mix of danceable bits was carefully produced by MkX himself to convey a powerful message of staying true to yourself, at the same time that he makes homage to different artistic influences that marked his journey and helped him create his sound and style. 

“This song explains who I am, what I do, and why I do what I do. I touch on the things I’ve learned throughout my journey being an artist/performer since I was eight years old. It takes a lot of patience, strength, and willpower to stay true to your artistry and creativity.”, MkX says. “Over the years, different people in the industry have tried to change my sound and image to be less outlandish, attempting to ‘straight-wash’ me. I’ve been on a mission not only to express my individuality but also to show others how liberating it is to express yourself to the fullest,” he states loud and clear.

This intention is fully developed in the music video for the song. MkX knew from the very beginning how this sound was supposed to look, and he contacted the right people to make sure it captured the whole essence of the song. It was directed by Scott McCullough, who is best known for his award-winning work with Prince; choreographed by Ian Mckenzie, who has worked with Lady Gaga herself; and powered by the pieces of different LA indie designers. The result is a visual production that feels like a living collage made of MkX inspiration. It is, in the words of its director, “dark, sleek and futuristic with hints of 80s nostalgia.”

MkX is no stranger to the pop music scene. With radio airplay, chart placements, and performances alongside major artists, he’s already made his mark. But “Man on a Mission” feels like a new chapter, a defiant statement from an artist who refuses to be boxed in. This song and music video are a must-watch for fans of electro-pop and anyone who loves an artist with a unique vision. MkX’s fight for artistic freedom is an inspiration, and “Man on a Mission” is a thrilling glimpse into his future. 

For more info on MkX: INSTAGRAM | TIKTOK 

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