If you haven’t noticed by now, country music is in and has a little spice to it. Recently featured on Beyonce’s Cowboy Carter album, Reyna Roberts music takes an in-depth look at what you get when you mix country, hip-hop, blues, rock & pop. It’s impossible to put her in a box and she’s ready to take over musical airwaves worldwide.  

In our exclusive interview we learn about why red hair is her signature look, what she has in store for us with her upcoming project “Bad Girl Bible Vol.2” and much more! 


Let’s talk about your debut album “Bad Girl Bible Vol 1”. What was the process like recording this project?   
It spanned over a few years. I recorded In LA with Jason Manns and then recorded half of the album in Nashville with David Mescon, Kendall Brower, Sean McConnell, Ronnie Bowman, Noah Henson, and Dave Bowman and others. Some songs were written in my garage with just a guitar and others in the studio with Star Wars playing in the background. It took me months to figure out the track list order and to tell the story that I wanted. I’m very specific about what I want when it comes to the music, and visuals. It was important to me for the album to feel like an experience in all aspects.

What’s your favorite song on this album?   
Oooh I don’t have a favorite. My heart lives in every single one of them. Louisiana, He Gon Be a Problem, and Hell and Back are probably my top 3. Hell and Back was inspired by a favorite tv show of mine, and I wanted to make sure to include scripture for my love of God. 

Louisiana was sonically influenced by Daddy Lessons by Beyoncé and Boondocks by Little Big Town and it’s really a story partially about my mom’s life. You can hear my family’s voices in the beginning and end of the track. I wanted to immortalize them in my music.

Where did the nickname “Princess of Outlaw Country” come from?   
My manager Halle and I were talking one day before a show and she said, “How do you want to be introduced? You’re an outlaw country and a princess, you’re the princess of outlaw country.” I was like that is the perfect description! And it’s on brand of how I view myself and how I’d like others to see me as well.

Photograph By: Meg Reynolds

You’ve made it clear that you don’t want to be labeled as solely a country music artist. What other genres are you interested in making music in?   
Reyna music. All genres that speak to me! I love country music so much, but I also love Hip-Hop, Pop, Rock, and Blues just as much and I want what I create to reflect that. I’ve always envisioned and dreamed of being a Superstar, making music that outlives me.

How did it feel to present an award at the most recent CMT Awards?   
I was nervous to read the teleprompter haha speaking in front of large audiences has always been the thing that makes me the most nervous. I can sing in front of a hundred thousand people but ask me to speak in front of an audience of any kind and I want to hide somewhere haha! 

My dad got me a pair of dog tags that says, “Do what you do, because what you do is amazing.” And I look at that when I get nervous (which is pretty rare).

Photograph By: Ayla

What did you wear to the awards and how was your hair and makeup?    
I wore Jaclyn Hill palette Vol.11 and my Too Faced lip plumper, and Maybeline for my brows! That’s pretty much all the makeup I wore for the red carpet. I wanted to be fresh-faced. My parents dyed my hair, and my friend Octavio Rodriguez helped me style it the day of. Which is hilarious because we both know nothing about glam, he was just being an awesome friend and making sure I looked presentable.
You’re currently working on your new project, “Bad Girl Bible Vol 2”, what can we expect from this project and how will it differ sonically from Vol 1?   
It’s the definition of country plus which is country + pop + Hip-Hop + rock and all the genres that live in me that I’ve blended to make my kind of country. I’m bringing people in my Outlaw Universe, and it is going to sound badass. I want to create the best album of this generation. All my heart, soul, and creativity is being poured into the album.

Courtesy of Reyna Roberts

Since you’ve already worked with Beyoncé, who else would be a dream music collaboration for you?  
Chris Stapleton! He’s the reason I started writing country music. His voice is stunning and sounds like he is coming home. One of the best voices of our generation.

You can be often seen with your red hair signature style. How did you settle on red being your signature color and what other styles do you like to wear your hair in?   
I tried to so many different colors (blue, turquoise, purple) before deciding to stay with red. It makes me feel powerful, badass, and confident so I decided to keep multiple shades of red.  

Half up and down, and a wavy bob are really cute. Those two styles are my favorite! My dad, mom, and bonus dad Cartier, will literally be in the kitchen dying my hair making it Reyna Red. It’s a sight to see for sure.

Photograph By: Yonel Cohen

What’s your current skin care routine? 
I wear Fenty cleanser, Fenty Fat Water, and Fenty sunscreen. All Fenty! I hope to be one of their models in the future. I LOVE their products.

What does a perfect date night look like for you?   
My favorite date I’ve had so far was in Nashville. After initially meeting each other at the airport, we went to Jenni’s Ice cream, then Karaoke across the street, and then Red Door. So, let’s go with that. I’ve haven’t really been on many dates so I feel like my idea of a perfect date will probably sound like a dark fairytale haha!

Photograph By: Ayla

Name 3 beauty products you currently can’t live without!  
My makeup artist Nissi Lee showed me these brands and I’ve been in love with them ever since: Pat McGraff Eye Shadows, Too Faced Lip plumper and Mac Cosmetics Studio Fix Foundation!
How would you describe your fashion sense?   
I’d describe my style as the “New Age of Outlaw”, with stunning rhinestones everywhere. I love wearing traditional country wear like chaps, cowboy boots, and cowboy hats! I’ve grown up wearing my mom’s Cowboy hats and I still go into her closet and take some to wear for performances and award shows.   
What are you most looking forward to this year?  
Building the foundation of my legacy and working with artists, producers, and other songwriters to collaborate with that I admire and look up to. Being the first country artist to perform at some non-country festivals and expanding my reach and fan base. And seeing all the way the God is going to open doors and pouring miracles in my life and those around me! 

Photographer: @markmark


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