[PREMIERE]: Tayler Buono’s Latest Video Is For That Guy You’ll Never Get Over

We all have that one person that we’ll never quite get over. Maybe we never even dated them, and that’s what makes us always wonder “what if.”

Tayler Buono’s latest music video is for her track “Something About You,” and its dreamy and romantic vibes will totally have you walking down memory lane to that one who got away.

“I wrote ‘Something About You’ in an attempt to explain the unexplainable in a relationship,” says Tayler. “The feeling you can’t quite capture through words, the memory you love to hold on to. There’s a sort of nostalgia in the unknown and this song is about my own. For me it’s about this guy I’ve known since I was 15 that I’ve always been drawn to. It’s about all the summer nights and carefree adventures we’ve had.”

But instead of making a cliché video with a guy and girl and their whirlwind romance, Tayler’s still front and center in her video with nobody by her side, which we love.

“The video shoot was kind of spontaneous,” says Tayler. “I was in LA writing and recording so I had my videographer meet me out here. We shot it all in Malibu and LA one evening. We just drove around and would pull over at different cool places we found. I feel like the video reflects the nostalgic, free spirited feel of the song and has some pretty cool, artistic visual effects.”

Check out the video below and prepare to fall in love with Tayler’s catchy track.

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