The Perfect Playlist For Saying Bye to Summer Love

The official last day of summer this year is Wednesday, Sept. 21, which gives us only a few weeks to bask in the last few hot sunny days.

While I know a lot of people are ready for pumpkin spice lattes, scarves, and sweaters, some of us are still hanging on to the hot weather and the idea of ever-lasting leisure, pink sunsets and the forever chill vibes that seem to only exist in the summer season.

Summer isn’t just a season, nor just a time devoid of school projects. It’s a time that many people look back on as having some super memorable adventures with their girls, great times at the beach, or even having their first love. Since summer brings about a multitude of feels, I’m sure there are many playlists that would appropriately accompany each of our experiences. I like to create a story with my playlists, and the one I’m going to share with you represents the story of summer love, as I’m sure we can all relate in someway.

Check the playlist below #AngieSpinsEndOfSummer, and then let me walk you down memory lane as we wind down in our last days of summer…

Our playlist begins with that ultimately awesome feeling of realizing that — IT’S SUMMER! Starting with Lowell’s “West Coast Forever,” which brings chill images of the beach and perfectly-pink sunsets to mind – it’ll make you wanna roll down the windows and feel the beach air in your hair. Moving onto PARTYBABY’s “California,” which has the perfect mixture of the glee that occurs in your mind when one thinks of vacation and thoughts of California’s infamous palm trees. It’s lyrics are somehow a perfect metaphor for that longing for summer love and denim cutoffs, when they sing “All I have are these, California Dreams.”

Summer ultimately means chill vibes and feelings of fun, which Cappa’s cover of the Spice Girls’ “Wannabe” will have you singing along “If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends” to a fresh new beat as you get ready for a hot night out with your ride or die girls.

Once you’re out, and you’ve spotted that hot-looking hipster with the long eyelashes, Hey Violet will remind you to show off your “Brand New Moves” on this lucky lad. Later on in the night, Demi Lovato’s smooth hip hop beats of “Body Say” will put you both in the mood as she reminds us to “show him all that red lace” underneath your dress…

A few weeks into the Summer, when you realize that Mr. Hot Hipster wasn’t a one night thing — let Phases’ Beach-Boys-reminiscent “Go Forever” be “your song” as you slow-dance together until the sun rises. Sing along privately to Powers’ “Loved by You” – because let’s face it, you want him to say those three little words, but it might still be a just little too soon. But then loudly and proudly declare BØRNS’ “Electric Love” as your official theme song of your relationship with your decidedly soon-to-be husband… at least amongst your girls, we don’t wanna freak him out just yet!

But hey hey, not so fast — you catch him texting another girl and leaving weird ass comments on another chick’s Instagram. You start to listen to Phases’ “Cooler” on repeat, and sing along “Damn, I really thought you were cooler” — and then you have one of those moments where you’re pretty sure singer Z Berg can read your f*cking mind. So you head out for a girls night out, and sing Hey Violet’s “Fuqboi” at the top of your lungs, realizing that you aren’t the only one who’s fallen victim to this type of f*ckery, and vow to stay single for the rest of your life.

But once the anger has subsided, and you’ve cried in bed listening to Hailee Steinfield’s “Starving,” Astrid S’s “Hurts So Good,” and Tayler Buono’s “Technically Single” on a never-ending loop – you start to wonder if you over-reacted, just a whee bit. 

So you text make-up with Mr. Hot Hipster and realize the chick on Instagram was actually his sister — and you feel like a dumbass, and admit you’re still into him. So you hang with him and declare Ellie Goulding’s “Still Falling For You” your “new” love theme and spend the rest of the sunny summer days and hot steamy nights with him, until realizing he’s actually only visiting for the summer… womp womp.

Heartbroken once again, and as the Summer comes to a close, you go your separate ways, hoping that you’ll see him again next Summer. You then listen to TeamMate’s “Nothing’s Ever Over” and know that somehow even if things ARE over with Mr. Hot Hipster with the long eyelashes — that there’s always next summer, and way more amazingly hot hipsters to kiss, watch the sunset with, and new playlists to chill to.

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