[PREMIERE]: Spencer Sutherland Is DTF in Any Area Code

Spencer Sutherland has that look of that guy you salivated over in middle school that still continues to make you break a sweat to this day.

For obvious reasons, he’s a model, but he’s also a singer (as if you need another reason to swoon). His debut album and single are likely to come out this winter, but to tide us over until then, Spencer has released a “hype track,” called “Girls” – complete with a super sexy music video.

“My song ‘Girls’ comes from the thought of me seeing so many girls and seeing something beautiful in every girl — from every part of the world and every type of person,” says Spencer. “Basically I love them so much, they’re going to be the death of me (in a good way). Making the video was so fun. One of my best friends shot it for me right outside of my apartment while my other best friend rolled around an amp behind the camera so I could hear and sing the song.”

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