This Poor Pokémon Is Turning Into the Next Eggplant Emoji

The upside to the new Pokémon Go obsession is that video-game loving dudes are finally getting the exercise and fresh air that they needed. The bad side is that guys have found a way to incorporate their love for sending d pics into their new favorite smartphone game.

Yep, guys are taking d pics via Pokémon Go, and their censor of choice is the cute little hill-shaped Pokémon that you may remember as Diglett.

Look at that innocent face and that red button nose! What did Diglett do to deserve being placed atop the d of Pokémon Go players around the world? Probably the same thing that the eggplant emoji (or the newly discovered champagne emoji) did: slightly resembled a d.

In Diglett’s case, he could potentially improve a d pic. I mean, would you rather see a fleshy tan d from a random Tinder match, or a cute little Diglett perched atop a guy’s boxers? I think most of us would prefer the latter, but there’s also the fact that said dude (whoever he is) is sending you this kinda pic while playing Pokémon Go, which is a turn-off in itself.

This isn’t the first time that Diglett (or any other Pokémon for that matter) has been turned naughty. I mean, people on the internet are super weird and have a penchant for turning little-kid cartoons into things not suitable for children (Bronies, I’m talking to you). Diglett has been morphed into “Family Guy’s” Quagmire, and also into a kinda-cute LGBT fantasy of what is going on with Diglett underground.

Regardless of some of these less than fortunate nudes, particularly those using the Crab-like Pokémon, at least it means that some Pokémon Go users are still getting lucky. I mean, with the whole Pokémon Go out-doing Tinder thing, we were getting a bit worried.

Now, instead of just worrying that your one night stand is secretly taking snaps of you to send to his bros, you have to worry about him unleashing a Squirtle on ya.

Thanks Pokémon Go, you’ve really outdone yourself.

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