Piss Off Conservative Family Members With This ‘Nasty Woman’ Merch

During last night’s debate, Trump attempted to shade Hillary by muttering “such a nasty woman,” under his breath (but into the mic).

But the thing is, sometimes women want to be a little nasty. We can’t be peppy and proper all the time. I mean, shit, ever heard of Nasty Gal, Donald?

Just like women have constantly been reclaiming misogynistic slurs as of late, it didn’t take us long to reclaim “Nasty Woman” as a compliment. A compliment we’ll gladly wear on our sleeves, or our chest, or our forehead.

We’re fucking obsessed with all this “Nasty Woman” merch that has popped up overnight. Thank goodness for Etsy!


This shirt is fucking awesome. I mean, I would wear this long after the election. Plus, half of the proceeds go to Planned Parenthood.


These are way cuter and more durable than the “I Voted” stickers.


Okay, it can definitely be argued that Trump is making America nastier…but this hat is still fun, don’t you think?


What better way to pimp out your denim jacket than with a pin like this?


Too bad there are no more debates, because this would’ve been the best glass for drinking wine while watching it. Maybe next year!


Who ever thought that Donald Trump’s idiotic statements would inspire cute and trendy room decor? Not us, that’s for sure.

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