Amber Rose & Blac Chyna’s ‘Slutty’ VMA Looks Are Important

Miley Cyrus had a total of ten costume changes last night, ranging from the supportive (one of her outfits was reminiscent of the LGBT flag), to the bizarre. Kanye West decided that he was so famous he didn’t even need to bother putting on a suit…let alone pants. But instead of picking the dress that made their curves look the sexiest or had the flashiest price tag, Amber Rose and Blac Cyna chose to dress with a message.

What was that message? I think you can guess it by taking a glance and seeing the word ‘slut’ written across Amber Rose’s vagina:


What if you had to wear all the words you’ve said on your skin? Amber Rose and Blac Chyna seemed to do the opposite. Their outfits chose to highlight the derogatory terms that they face probably every day of their lives (thanks to Twitter and other social media). Their entourage, although slightly more subdued, also chose to wear their insults on their chest (or feet…check out those thigh-high boots).

Your first instinct when seeing these looks may have been something like “clearly they need more attention,” right? I mean, Amber Rose and Blac Chyna have been slightly out of the media lately. Many people simply know Blac Chyna as Tyga’s ex and Amber as Kanye/ Wiz’s ex, and when they’re not causing twitter beef they seem to be largely out of the picture these days.

But seriously, who isn’t trying to get attention at the VMA’s? Celebrities are literally competing with each other to be tomorrow’s headliner or last night’s trending hashtag on twitter. Females celebrities are searching for the most high-end, hand-made, trendy yet shock-inducing look that they can get their hands on. I mean seriously, every single look that Miley rocked was made to be critiqued by reporters and that’s exactly why she dressed that way.

Amber Rose and Blac Chyna could have certainly got enough attention by wearing a sexy Labourjoisie dress like Nicki Minaj or a jewel encrusted body suit like Demi Lovato, but they didn’t. Instead, they chose to stand for women everywhere by taking back the insults that are bestowed upon them every day.

In the words of Tina Fey in Mean Girls, “Who here has ever been called a slut?” If all you readers were sitting in a gymnasium in front of me, every single one of you would probably raise your hand. And it’s not because you slept with someone’s boyfriend, or go to class wearing a G-string and panties (although these things don’t necessarily make you a slut either), you were probably called a slut for little or no reason whatsoever. It’s just become the easy insult to say to girls, whether there’s significant reasoning or not.

Thought Catalog asked 60 women what they were doing when they were called a slut, and the answers will shock (and horrify you). Or maybe they won’t, because you already know how our society works.

The worst part is that half of the insults that Amber and Blac Chyna have chosen to emblazon upon their outfits are insults given to them by females. The word ‘stripper’ is on Amber’s outfit because people use her past career title as an insult. That’s like going up to Starbucks and calling the dude taking your order ‘barista’ with disdain. Who are we to insult somebody based on the career choices they’ve made to support their families? Yet, I know if I searched twitter right now, there would be plenty of users hating on the two women’s VMA outfit choices, and doing nothing more than re-using the trite insults that are already written on their dresses.

I hate to go back to Tina Fey’s character in Mean Girls again, but you’ve really got to stop calling each other sluts and whores. It only makes it okay for guys to call us sluts and whores… and gold diggers, and strippers, and bitches. Next time you’re about to call someone a slut, think about why you’re doing it. Is she really so different than you? Do you even know this girl well enough to be making assumptions about her lifestyle? Would you be insulted if she said the same thing about you? Would you have the balls to say it to her face?

If you think through all these things and still want to call someone else a slut, please let me know. Because chances are that you’re feeling a little less confident in your words after thinking through it.

So what’s the right way to tackle this issue? Should we cut out the word ‘slut’ from our vocabulary? Or is it just going to be replaced with another replacement term? Instead, Amber Rose seems to think that the right way to move forward is to reclaim the word, and she plans on doing so with her ‘Slut Walk.’ Join the movement or not, but if you’re going to keep calling other girl’s sluts, don’t be surprised if you get the same treatment.

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