Take a Throwback Tour to 2003 in Paris Hilton’s Denim Closet

Ah, the 2000s, when the jean skirts were perfectly tattered and the Red Bull flowed like wine.

Paris Hilton recently took Vogue‘s cameras on a #TBT tour through her denim closet, which is home to over 150 pairs of the bedazzled, low-slung flares she made popular. She’s apparently tossed the Von Dutch hats, though. Or maybe they just have their own closet.

The jeans come in every variety: there’s a miniskirt the size of an ACE bandage, a pair of indigo-washed denim with angel wings above the butt. The brands span everything from Frankie B to Rock & Republic. Even JNCO gets a shoutout.

It makes you wonder: why is “designer denim” not a thing these days? Are we all too normcore for our own good, rocking vintage Levi’s and not much else? Aren’t bedazzled back pockets due for a comeback, just like the Juicy suit? Or will they remain locked in a 2000s vault forever, only ever seeing the light of day on the butts of dudes who work at mall kiosks?

Ponder these questions — and enjoy Paris’s unabashed vacillation from adult voice to baby voice and back — as you watch the video below.

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