Actor Pierson Fodé Says There’s No More Dating In LA

If you google “tall, dark, and handsome,” actor Pierson Fodé will probably be the first to show up.

When he’s not strolling around making girls faint with lust, he’s acting his perfectly toned butt off. He was most recently nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award his work acting on “The Bold & The Beautiful,” but he’s also been seen with Victoria Justice in Noami & Ely’s No Kiss List. 

He was also probably on one of your many Abercrombie shopping bags when you were 13 and just had to have a third pair of logo sweatpants. We caught up with Pierson to talk dating in LA, acting on a soap opera, and why he’s always a gentleman.


How is acting on a soap different from a primetime TV show or shooting a movie?  Are there different methods of preparation?

Acting on a soap is very different. A normal tv show shoots an episode a week and a movie will shoot up to 15 pages a day, but a soap will shoot eight episodes in four days. The amount of material I’ve shot in the last year far outweighs everything I’ve shot in my whole life!

We last saw you starring as gay best friend Ely to Naomi (Victoria Justice) in Naomi & Ely’s No Kiss List that shot on location in NYC. How was that and what are some of your favorite places in the city to eat, party, and soak up culture?   

Shooting in NYC was a magical and surreal experience to me. It was my first time in the city and the best way to experience it that was on the set of ‘no kiss list.’ It was almost a dream! My fave spot was Greenwich Village, but the entire city was my playground. I used to take my skateboard out & ride in any direction until I got lost and found a new restaurant or bar. Then I would take a cab home.

You got your start in the industry after scoring a big gig with Abercrombie in their heyday, what was it like traveling the world with the brand?

Working with Abercrombie was amazing! I couldn’t have asked for a better way to experience the world. I met so many interesting and different people. It really expanded my knowledge about different cultures & life outside the US.

You grew up on a farm in Washington raising cattle, what pushed you to move to a city like LA, arguably the complete opposite environment?

My dreams were in LA and if I wanted to pursue my dreams I had to go to the big city!

Do you see yourself going back to the farm life eventually?

Eventually one day I will have my own land in some part of the country, but I will always have my heart and career in film.

What’s different about country vs. city girls?

Country girls tend to be a little more unafraid to get out and explore nature & city girls tend to be a little more street savvy.

What’s your go-to karaoke song?

“Thrift Shop” by Macklemore.

What’s the best place to take a date in LA?

The best place to take a date in LA is the beach. Nothing beats laying out a blanket on the beach with some candles and watching the sunset. Chipotle comes in at a close second.

What’s the hardest thing about the LA dating scene?

Most difficult thing about dating in LA is you spend so much time away from each other if you’re serious about your craft and career. Never mind living on opposite sides of the city!

Have you ever hooked up with a girl and regretted it?

I’m pretty intentional about all that, so no regrets.

Tell us about the craziest party you’ve ever been to?

Craziest party I’ve ever been to is the party in the pants. JK. I can’t divulge that information for the protection of my friends, but it was pretty wild.

What’s the best advice that your parents ever gave you about girls?

Best advice from parents is to be a gentleman. Always.

What’s the sexiest thing that a girl can wear?

The girl I find attractive can wear anything & I will find it sexy.

Reverse cowgirl or doggy style?

Both great wrestling moves. I practice them equally.

Beyoncé or Jay Z?

Her majesty, the Queen B. She’s killin’ it.

Tits or Ass?

Tits AND ass.

In and Out or Shake Shack?


Whiskey or Vodka?


Club or Bar?


All photos by Rowan Daly

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