Kim K and J. Lo’s Trainer Just Revealed His Best Booty Tips

By now you’ve probably heard of Gunnar Peterson — he’s the trainer the Kardashians, Jennifer Lopez, and plenty of other celebs credit with whipping their ample butts into shape.

Today, he told StyleCaster a few of his hottest tips for achieving a big, round booty in the gym — assuming that’s even possible. Our talks with plastic surgeons have us thinking otherwise. You’re either born with a bubble butt or you’re not and there’s only so much you can do to change it.

But hey, exercise is good for you either way, so let’s check out Gunnar’s tips.

1. It’s all about squats, side lunges, and hip bridges.

Do eight to 12 reps of each of these exercises while holding enough weight to “cause your form to fail between eight and 12 reps,” Gunnar said. Single-leg bridges with no weight are also acceptable.

2. Lift heavier weights.

You want your butt to grow, don’t you? That means you have to actually lift weights. Add on a few pounds and leave time between workouts to recover, Gunnar says.

3. Eat more.

Yes, you read that right.

“Consume quality calories above and beyond your normal caloric intake,” Gunnar told StyleCaster. “Start with 250 to 500 supplemental calories daily and make sure you’re happy with your progress.”

Uhhh, okay! He also says you need to sleep more so your body can recover. Gunnar, we love you!

So there you have it, three simple tips to get J. Lo’s butt. Who knew it was so easy.

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