Why You Need To Date A Dude Who Skateboards


So I’ve had a few big loves in my life. Taylor Swift probably dated and wrote about all of them already, but f*ck it. Anyway, my first love was Leonardo DiCaprio. I mean who wasn’t all about him after Titanic? I started drowning in his love at an early age. Too cheesy?

But my second love, or loves plural because there were so many, were the guys from Jackass. I was probably 5 years-old when I first saw the show. With my dad nonetheless because we have the same humor and found the show to be absolutely hilarious.

But there was something about those guys that drew me in. I used to always have a thing for the guy who cleans up nice, wears Brooks Brothers, maybe plays golf, but the guys from Jackass changed the game for me.

Here are a few reasons why you need to date the dude who skateboards:


1. They Have The Best Music Library

For the most part these boys are doing kick-flips to some of the best music you’ve never discovered. I dare you to scroll through their playlists or see what they put on when they’re hanging out with their bros. Because I guarantee you’re going to want to steal a few songs.

2. They’re Chill As F*ck

You won’t meet a dude who is more carefree and easy going than him. He loves to spend his days hanging out with you, his bros, skating at the park or around the city, and maybe finding somewhere to eat. They don’t have too many worries and will definitely calm you down if you’re overreacting about small sh*t.

3. They’ll Smoke With You

Come on baby, light my fire. Yes, they’ll definitely blaze it up with you and who the hell can complain about that? I like a man who makes green and has green.

4. They’re Spontaneous

This might come from the fact that if they’re skating in illegal territory and the cops happen to bust them, they have to make a run for it. Which means they’re constantly on their toes and will keep you as well. They’re fun loving and down for pretty much anything. Especially whatever you have to offer.


5. They Usually Have Tattoos

This is just a must in general. Guys with tattoos seem sexier in a way and if they’re cruising down their board with tattoos then a b*tch just might power walk.

6. They’re Loyal To Their Friends

You always want to date a guy who has a solid crew of friends around him. You get to see him in his real element and how he interacts and cares for his friends is nonetheless adorable. Plus, he’ll be sweet to you.

7. They Aren’t High Maintenance

I once dated a skater who used his own shoelace as a belt. He said if his shoestring broke that he would always have an extra and if it didn’t, well he had a nice little belt to hold up his pants. These guys aren’t going to be pricks or complain about little things. They truly live easy going lives and if you’re lucky enough to ride through that life with them, then he’s a keeper.

Plus, skater boys are hot as f*ck.

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