Harvey Guillen Spills On The New Season Of MTV’s Eye Candy

We sat down with cutie Harvey Guillen to talk all about MTV’s Eye Candy! He definitely told us some covetable clues regarding the show’s new season and he even dished on which celeb’s computer he would love to hack! Read it all below and prepare to LOL.


How did your role on MTV’s Eye Candy come about?

I auditioned for Eye Candy in the fall of 2013 for a pilot presentation. Catherine Hardwicke was directing and wanted to shoot in NYC and Victoria Justice was attached to the project. I thought it would be awesome, so I auditioned. They laughed and it all went well. I got called to the test, and when I showed up there were 3 other finalists, but I booked the part and we shot in NYC in November of 2013! By February of 2014 we got picked up, but we weren’t going to start production until summer. The whole cast was gone except for me and Victoria Justice. I had survivors guilt (haha), but everything happens for a reason… and now here we are!!

What celeb’s computer would you love to hack?

OH MAN! That’s a loaded question… Justin Bieber or Zac Efron? You know those guys probably have crazy shit on their computers… or Oprah! I want to know what her ‘real’ favorite things are.

What are 5 tips for any guy going on a first date?

Be unique, be romantic, be loving, be giving, and be yourself.

Tell us more about what to expect this season on eye candy!

This season, anything can happen. Things and people are not always what they seem and we will learn to be more careful about what we share online… your last post or update might cost you your life!

What is next for you in 2015?

I’m looking forward to 2015. I have an awesome show airing now and I plan to reappear on The Thundermans. My other familia has a film coming out later this year, Aztec Warrior. I also plan to do more projects on my own for my youtube page and work on my photography.

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