Paris Hilton got the funniest superlative in her 8th grade yearbook

Generally speaking, grade school kinda blows, but pretty much everybody can get behind what happens when it’s time to graduate: getting our very own superlatives.

For instance, when I graduated high school, I was voted “Most Dramatic,” and my nemesis was voted “Most Likely to Get Slapped in the Face on Graduation Day.”

JK, I wish. My high school wasn’t that funny.

But do you know whose was?

Paris Hilton’s.

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In honor of today being Thursday and all, Paris Hilton revealed the funny superlative her teen-year-old classmates decided to bestow upon the bb heiress when she was in 8th grade.

“I was voted ‘Finest Girl’ in 8th grade!” Paris wrote on Twitter.

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While her classmates could have gone with the more traditional superlative of “most attractive” or “best hair,” instead they went with “finest girl.” Adorable.

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