The most iconic going out tops of our time

Do you remember going out tops?

You know, the kind of top you could only wear when the sun went down and you wanted to go out and look kinda slutty?

They’re not really a thing anymore since fashion is reaching peak thotty and nobody gives a f about dressing to impress during the daytime anymore, but back in the 2000s, every girl had an army of going out tops she could break out at a moment’s notice.

See, back in the 2000s, when everybody from celebrities to reality TV stars kept it casual during the day, walking around in wife beaters, Juicy Couture tracksuits, and flip flops, dressing for the nighttime was an Event with a capital E.

And more often than not, that’s when they broke out their best going out tops.

While a going out top can be anything that draws attention to your goodies, as a rule, going out tops tended to show off as much boobage as possible and were frequently covered in glitter. Because we all know the fastest way to make sure all eyes are on you is to throw on a shitload of sparkles on your chest.

Even though we can’t turn back time to the golden age of going out tops, we can count down what we think are some of the most iconic going out tops of our time.


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Britney Spears: The flirty bra top


When you’re trying to drop hints that you want him to dance up on you, it’s probs a good idea to wear the smallest push-up bra top you have in your closet.

And it probs can’t hurt if you put your thong on the outside of your pants, leaving absolutely nothing to imagination.

After all, sometimes it’s best not to ask the hot ones to think too much.

Mariah Carey: The what? Is there something on my chest?

Iconic top @mariahcarey #mariahcarey

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Her top is a giant glittery butterfly! Come on, people!

Christina Aguilera: The wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen

An old fave @xtina #xtina

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When it comes to thot positive celebrities, nobody did it like Christine Aguilera.

This legendary wrap top is a feat of human engineering and deserves a statue erected in its honor.

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Meagan Good: The subtle statement t

Meagan Good (2002) #MeaganGood

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TBH, I’d never seen this outfit before yesterday, but it’s instantly iconic to me.

Having the chutzpah to wear any shirt with the words “Barely Legal” airbrushed on the back is the kind of accomplishment most of us can only aspire to. And the fact that it’s on a thotty cropped polo shirt is just too good.

Until you look down at her butt-laced jeans.

Seriously, when I die bury me in the Meagan Good clothing archive.

Beyonce: The work of art


As far as I know, Beyonce never wore this top out in public, but it truly belongs in a museum.

Or on a really fancy chandelier in Bey’s new home.

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J. Lo: The I’m actually only friends with guys, it’s weird, I just don’t get along with girls.

#Jlo #Dangelo

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We all know that girl.

And in the 2000s, this was how she dressed when she went out to the club.

Kris Jenner: The sassy slogan t

#tbt to that time Kris Jenner wore a “like a virgin” shirt at Paris’s 21st birthday #wtf #hollyweird

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Generally speaking, corny slogan tanks were reserved for daytime wear, but on the rare occasion a celebrity found one too good to waste on sunlight, they wore them out to the club.

Kris Jenner’s rhinestone “Like a Virgin” shirt is one of those shirts.

Josie and the Pussycats: The understated shimmer shirts


While Rosario Dawson’s fur-trimmed crop top wasn’t something you’d find at your local Delia’s or Wet Seal, the shirts Tara Reid and Rachael Leigh Cook are wearing were.

Long, molded-boob crop tops and halters with an asymmetrical cut were what all the hot young thots of the day were wearing when they went out.

And notice how both of them are packed with eye-catching shimmer?

Textbook 2000s going out tops right here.

Aaliyah: The tie me up tank

These tops are back in vogue right now, but nobody wore them quite like Aaliyah.

Truly the queen of looking hot and casual without being annoying.

Kiera Knightley: The drape


And last but certainly not least, we have what might be the MOST iconic going out top of all time.

The iconic going out top Kiera Knightley’s character wore in Bend it Like Beckham in that one scene where they don’t wear sports bras.

This silhouette was everything in the 90s, and nobody wore it better than British it-girl waif of the time Kiera Knightley.

Sadly, this was the best photo I could find of it, but if you remember the movie, then you know what I’m talking about.

And if you don’t, go watch it. Learn your herstory.

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