Beyoncé’s new mansion makes every other celeb’s house look like a trash fire

Since Beyoncé and Jay Z’s family is getting bigger, they decided they needed a bigger house.

And when we say house, what we really mean is a gorgeous mansion circa 1925 in New Orleans.

It cost Bey and Jay $2.6 million in chump change, and it’s legit so fancy that the house has its own name.

La Casa de Castile.

Just try saying it aloud. It’s like word candy for your mouth!

Anyway, prepare to gag on the mother of all real estate porn, fam.

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This room has columns! COLUMNS!
I don’t even like antique furniture, but this dresser is a work of art. Who knows if the Carters kept any of these decorations, but let’s say a little prayer for this dresser.
This is not a walk-in closet. This is a running-laps-in closet.
This bedroom is straight out of your raunchiest Marie Antoinette fantasy!!!!! Let Jay eat cake, am I right?
Look at that bathtub! It has feet! If Bey’s life turned into an animated movie, that tub would be able to walk!
NBD or anything, but according to Lonny, real estate porn Mecca, this is rumored to be the BIGGEST backyard in all of New Orleans.
Plus it kind of looks like the Italian countryside.
And on that note, let’s stop this nonsense before I start gnawing off my limbs.
[H/T Lonny]

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