LOL, why is Teen Vogue calling every color the “hardest to pull off” right now?

Here at Galore, we’re always down for calling out Teen Vogue for their ridiculously transparent antics, so we couldn’t help but notice that these days Teen Vogue can’t make up its mind about what the most difficult color to wear is!

See, for the past few weeks, Teen Vogue has been calling every single color a celebrity wears the “hardest” to pull off. Well, except for when they decide to switch things up and call whatever color it is the “toughest” to pull off.

LOL, right?

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The first time we noticed Teen Vogue employing this strategy was with Gigi Hadid.

One day she hit the town in an all-yellow outfit, and Teen Vogue enthusiastically proclaimed that she “SLAYED” in the “hardest color to pull off.”

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While we at Galore respectfully disagree that yellow is the hardest color to pull off, TBH lots of people look good in it, what Teen Vogue said stuck with us.

Which is why we noticed when they did it again the next week after Selena wore a white bikini.


And again two days later when Ariel Winter wore a green top.


And again four days after that, in a post about Bella Thorne’s white bikini that has since been deleted but existed when I took a screenshot of it a few minutes ago.


And it doesn’t stop there!

Recently Teen Vogue has really been hitting their “hardest color” beat hard.




Although TBH, they weren’t wrong about that dress Zendaya wore to the MTV movie and TV awards. We thought so too.

But still, the hardest color to pull off can’t simultaneously be green, yellow, orange and white!

White isn’t even a hard color to pull off! At all.

Yes, when it comes to shoes white does have its own inherent difficulties, but it also goes with absolutely everything. Especially with a tan by the pool.

Obviously somebody at Teen Vogue has decided that angling celebrity fashion stories this way gets them the most possible clicks possible, but maybe it’s time to tone it down since people are starting to notice how the sausage is made.

Then again, it’s really funny, so just keep up the good work, guys! We’ll just be over here pulling off orange, yellow, green and white.

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