Rihanna Tried the Questionable 2000s Wife-Beater Trend

When it comes to fashion, there’s nothing Rihanna won’t try – even wearing a questionable 2000s trend like wife-beaters.

Side note, can you still believe we call them wife-beaters?


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About three weeks ago we first noticed that wife-beaters were coming back because Kylie decided to wear one for a casual Coachella cuddle.

And today on her way back from a Dior event, Rihanna decided she needed to let her chest area breath and she slapped on a black-wife beater under the fur coat she was wearing, and then she hit the streets of LA.

Now, don’t get it twisted – we’re definitely not suggesting Rihanna’s getting her fashion cues from Kylie, it’s just a sign that celebrities wearing wife-beaters isn’t an isolated incident, but a fashion trend in the making.

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Out and about in LA.

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Our entire office is entirely at odds on whether this lewk is tragic kingdom or dabomb.com, so let’s just say she wore it, pictures were taken, and life went on.

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