Why Kylie Jenner Just Hooked Herself Up to an Oxygen Tank

Although Kylie Jenner’s shared pictures of herself maybe holding a lit joint between her obsessively manicured fingers, she’s never shown her fans proof she actually takes hits off of anything.

Until now.

On Tuesday night, Kylie posted a series of Snaps of her tracksuit-clad self straight up taking hits from an oxygen tank.

Kids today.

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Earlier in the day, Kylie shared what some might call an excessively thorough documentation of a car trip in which nothing happened with her assistant Victoria Villarroel Gamero, her BFF Jordyn Woods, and her momager Kris Jenner.

While Kylie didn’t show them ever stepping foot in an airplane, both Victoria and Jordyn’s Instagram pages show that at some point they flew to Lima, Peru for some Mario Testino exhibit at the Museo Mario Testino.

What unexpected programming!

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Don’t forget where you came from MATE

A post shared by HEIR JORDYN (@jordynwoods) on

After they got their gram pics in, Kylie started feeling not so good – or in the words of her doctor, the totally legit-seeming Dr. Boris, she started feeling “ehhhhhhh not so great.”

So he called up his guy and brought in an oxygen tank for her to take hits from.




According to good ole Dr. Boris, “at 11,000 feet above sea level,” which is apparently the altitude of whatever hotel Kylie and ko. were staying at in Peru, “you can feel nauseous, have headaches, feel like you have the worst hang-”

Mysteriously, the snap cut off there. Either whoever was snapping ran out of time or didn’t want to cast any dispersions on the fact that Kylie is too pure to even know what a hangover feels like since she’s only 19 and definitely hasn’t let a drop of alcohol touch her lips.

Either way, Kylie was most likely suffering from altitude sickness, since that’s pretty much the only reason why people use oxygen tanks unless they’re dying.

Sadly, according to Alpine Oxygen, taking hits of O2 won’t make you high, it just makes you feel less like a plastic bag.


Which might explain why Kylie took this photo, which blatantly says “FU” to the whole situation.


Don’t you just hate it when you don’t get high from a hit?

Oh well, feel better, Kylie.

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