Brazilian Based Bombshell Pabllo Vittar Fights Hate With Love

Recently, a troll-y article mentioned that the fight for LGBTQ rights was over — and people stormed social media to let them know that we still have a long way to go — in the US and beyond. 

Just ask Pabllo Vittar. The Brazilian drag queen, singer, and songwriter comes from (and still lives in) a country where a conservative wave has driven violence against the LGBTQ+ community to an all-time high. 

We spoke to Pabllo about his home country, fighting hate with love, and what’s next for the artist (hint: his first song in English!). 


You’re an advocate for the LGBTQ community in Brazil amidst all that is happening in the political system there. What advice do you have for the youth?

We are living through a super conservative wave in Brazil, it’s a dangerous and sad time for us right now. You can see that in other countries as well, which makes me very concerned and afraid of what’s to come next. But a friend of mine, Linn da Quebrada, once said: “the LGBTIA+ community in Brazil has been suffering a lot for a long time and fighting back as hard as we can, and we are gonna keep doing that, but instead of hate, we will fight hard full of love, kindness, joy and respect.” We are not asking much, we just want respect, it’s not that hard. I think not just for the youth, but everybody! Be yourself, be respectful to others and spread love. Don’t let other people’s words or hate define your life, everyone must shine in their own way and be happy with it!

When did you first fall in love with music and what inspires you most?

As a kid I used to go to church with my mom, but my priority there was always to sing. I can’t remember my life without music, it was always listening, singing and dancing with my mom at home — then at the church and when I could. I started to sing in bars, small parties, and everywhere I could in my town.

Everything around me is inspiring. My family, my friends, all the music in the world, people on the street, literally everything! No matter what or whom, there’s always something to learn with it/them.

Who is your ultimate celebrity crush excluding our fave hot daddy Diplo? 

OMG! I couldn’t find a name in my mind right now! I can say my crushes now are my fans, I just want to share my experiences with them and hear about their [experiences], that’s the thing that fulfills me right now!

What summer workout routine do you recommend to us to get ready for summer?

I think that each person and each body fits in a different workout routine, so you should try the one you like the most and have fun with it. I don’t go to the gym and do my workout routine almost everyday, but always by myself in my house or hotel room. I do not use any kind of equipment, only the weight of my body. Also, I can say that my show is a huge workout routine too hahaha.

You have been featured on a ton of great songs with some of our fave Galore girls like Charli XCX and Lali, who would be your dream collab? 

I could write a book of names here! I would love to collaborate with Thalia, Rosalia, Maluma, Shakira, Natti Natasha and a lot of other latin artists. I would love to work with Charli and Lali again, I love those girls so much! Also Ariana, Rihanna, Little Mix, and a bunch of other artists. 

What’s the next single or song you have coming for us? 

I can say that there is a feature with an amazing artist. it’s gonna be my first song that I sing in english and it will be released this summer!

What does sexual liberation mean for you and for your country?

It’s a way to show people that you can be whatever you want. Stop trying to label people and say how they should live their lives. As long as you are respecting other people’s personal space, you can do whatever you feel like.

What was it like being on Amor e Sexo, anything you would have done differently?

That was in the beginning of my career and I wouldn’t have done anything differently. I learned a lot on the two seasons I spent on the show. Fernanda Lima and the whole crew were so loving and supporting that I can’t explain the love I feel for them in words. I wouldn’t be the person I am now if it wasn’t for Amor e Sexo. I learned a lot and also made friends for life.

What advice would you give to your 16 year old self? 

Do not rush anything, take your time, be patient, and love yourself. Life is just beginning! You can feel an urge to do and say a lot of stuff, but don’t do anything unless you feel ready for it — don’t go with the flow! 

What beauty item do you never leave home without?

A good perfume! 

Lipstick or lip gloss?

Lip gloss!

You come to LA often, what are your fave spots out there?

I love LA, but every time I’m there I don’t have much time to hang around, it is always with a tight work schedule! But this last time I’ve been here I loved going to the Evita Party, it was amazing!

What are your fave hang out spots in Brazil? 

In Brazil, what I love the most is partying with my friends in my house or at Clube Belgrano and Banca — two great spots of my hometown, which is called Uberlândia!

We all love Drag Race, what is your favorite season and who is your favorite queen? 

People ask me that question a lot and every time I keep thinking and I just can’t choose! Every season and every queen inspired me in some way. I truly love them all!

You change wigs alot and we love it. Do you have a favorite one and do any of them help you take on a new persona?

I can’t say my favorite right now, because it can change in a few days or even hours! But currently my favorite one is the long one with the LGBTQIA+ flag colors on it. And yes, it helps me a lot. I need it to go from the shy gay boy Phabullo Silva to the fierce Drag Queen Pabllo Vittar!

Tell us about the record, what song on the album holds a special place in your heart?

An album for me is like giving birth to a child! Better, giving birth to 10 children at the same time, you know? So, I can’t choose one favorite child, they are all special in a particular way and they all represent a part of me!

What inspires you most about Brazil? 

The joy that we are able to pull out even when the situation is getting worse for ourselves. As I said in the first question, we got our issues and problems, but we will never stop smiling and spreading love.

What is next for you in 2019 and beyond?

Well, I’ll release a couple more singles from my next album, which is called 111, and keep touring around! Probably doing more shows in North and Latin America, Brazil, and Europe! Work work work work! 

Necklace: Higherstore
Shoes: Adidas
necklace Higherstore, shoes Adidas.
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Necklace: Higherstore
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Photo: Ernna Costa

Styling: João Ribeiro

Beauty: Pabllo Vittar

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