OMG, Paris Hilton and Sofia Richie Are Hanging Out Now

Paris Hilton and Sofia Richie are hanging out now and we literally can’t contain our JOY about it.

But let’s take a step back for a second.

In 2007, Paris Hilton and her BFF Nicole Richie introduced the single most educational program to the American people.

That show was The Simple Life, and its premise was simple: watch two rich socialites struggle to be competent in simple, low-paying manual jobs while saying a bunch of mean-spirited and sexual things to strangers.

It was everything.


Although a lot’s changed in 10 years, Paris is once again spending her nights hanging out with a Richie.

Only this time instead it’s not Nicole, it’s her little sister Sofia.

On Wednesday night, Paris and Sofia were spotted walking arm-in-arm after grabbing a bite at celeb hotspot Catch LA in WeHo.

Either earlier or later on in the night, trust me, the specifics don’t matter, while they were getting out of their car, a paparazzo asked Sofia whether things were getting serious between her and Tobey Maguire, the latest celebrity she’s rumored to be dating who also happens to be a a 41-year-old man currently in the process of separating from his wife, which for the record, sounds like exactly the type of guy a rich, rebellious 18-year-old girl would casually get involved with.

Instead of politely ignoring him, as most celebrities would have done, Sofia responded by saying, “Are you fucking joking?”

Say it with me, guys: savage.

The way I see it, this public display of IDGAF-ery could only mean two things:

Either this is a sign that Paris is courting Sofia to do a Simple Life 2.0-type show with her, or it means that Sofia’s ready, willing and able to carry on the socialite legacy of being the most interesting thing to ever happen to pop culture.

Either way, it’s a friendship we can get behind.

Paris and Sofia both couldn’t give less of a fuck and I’m ready to live for it.

[H/T E! News]

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