OMG, Kendall Jenner Was a No-Show at Balmain

Guys, I’m really starting to get concerned.

First Kendall skipped London Fashion Week, then she skipped Milan Fashion Week to hang out with her family in Calbasas, and now it’s Paris Fashion Week and Kendall is STILL nowhere to be seen.

Like just to put this into perspective for you, Kendall just skipped Balmain. BALMAIN, okay?

The Kardashian family name is practically synonymous with Balmain.

Kendall opened the show last year and all anybody could talk about all day was the fact that Kendall and Gigi traded hair colors and it was so chic and goals.

And yet, Kendall wasn’t there today. She didn’t walk in the show and she wasn’t even sitting in the front row with Kim, Kourtney and Kris.

K POWER! #KimKardashian #KourtneyKardashian and #KrisJenner in the #Balmain front row #PFW

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Because Kendall’s still in New York, flashing her underboob like it’s her patriotic duty to the world.

Seriously, what is going on here?

Did Chanel pay her a million dollars to get her to walk exclusively for them or is this just Kendall’s way of saying that now that she’s finally gotten her Vogue cover, the modeling world has nothing else to offer her and she’s just dunzo?

Mark October 3rd on your calendar kids, because if Kendall hasn’t touched down in Paris by then, then there’s no way in hell she’ll be there at 10:30 the morning when the Chanel show starts.

And then where will we be?

What kind of a world will we live in if the Kardashian/Jenners haven’t permeated every corner of life as we know it?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t care to find out.

I’m counting on you, Kenny. Don’t let me down.

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