What’s Kendall Doing Back in Calabasas At the Height of Fashion Month?

Fashion month is a busy time for the supermodels of the world, unless your name is Kendall Jenner and you’ve mysteriously decided to take a week off.

Yesterday, Kendall Jenner spent some quality time hanging out with her sisters in Calbasas, which reminded us of something we’d apparently overlooked all week: Kendall Jenner hasn’t walked in a single show in Milan Fashion Week.

She wasn’t at Gucci.
She wasn’t at Moschino.
She wasn’t even at Fendi, and she OPENED THEIR LAST SHOW THIS SUMMER because Fendi creative director Karl Lagerfeld (you might have heard of him…) is normally completely obsessed with her.

Now that we think about it, Kendall completely skipped out on London Fashion Week too.

In fact, Kendall’s been completely MIA since she walked for was Marc Jacobs’ ill-advised dreadlocks fantasy in New York on September 15th.

Either Kenny’s taking some personal time in the wake that her controversial Vogue shoot created, all the hip designers in Milan have decided they’re over her or she just DGAF anymore.

No matter how you slice this, it’s a perplexing development.

Will Unkle Karl have to beg her to fly out to Paris next week to walk for Chanel or is this the beginning of the end of Kendall’s supermodel status?

We’re on pins and needles here, folks.

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