Noah Cyrus released an EP all about going through and overcoming a self-battle

Singer and Galore Cover Girl, Noah Cyrus, has just released her very first EP, “Good Cry,” inspired by a two year relationship she had that was both tough and a learning experience – something Noah describes as a “self-battle.”

Now that the 6 song EP is out, we are getting a look inside of Noah’s mind, talent, and life – and it’s inspiring.

We sat down with the LA-raised artist to discuss headlining her first tour, releasing music she’s really passionate about, skincare tips, and smoking blunts on the couch with her dog.

Check out the exclusive interview and cover photoshoot below to get to know Noah and her music a bit better!

How did you first get into music? When did you realize it was really something you wanted to pursue?

Well, I’ve always been into music due to being born into a musical family. Music has just always been in my bloodline. But, what ultimately sparked me wanting to become an artist was Ben Howard. I started listening to his music and going to his concerts and it opened my eyes to a whole new world of music.

I really wanted to pursue it when I was 15 and I kept wanting to write songs but had no way of actually creating them. So my mom took me into Maverick MGMT. They started putting me into sessions immediately and I finally created the “Good Cry” EP.

Tell us about your newest EP, “Good Cry.”

“Good Cry” is super special to me because for the past two years I was in a really tough relationship and a really tough self-battle. Over that period of time, I just kept writing about what was going on in my life, and suddenly I had a cohesive 6 songs that wound up being the EP.

What’s the biggest inspiration behind the EP?

The inside of my fucked up life that nobody actually sees.

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Top: Styland, Short: Styland, Shoes: Baldinini, Rings: Borgioni, Djula

Top: Styland, Short: Styland, Shoes: Baldinini, Rings: Borgioni & Djula, Earrings: Borgioni

What’s your favorite song on the EP and why?

“Topanga” is my favorite song on the EP because I made it in my home, in my backyard, with my friend Illsey. It’s as real and descriptive as it can be about somebody that was a big part of my life at one point.

What’s a lyric from your EP that speaks to you the most?

“I can’t wash with that soap anymore, because it reminds me of you,” is my favorite lyric, and it’s from the song, “Topanga.”

You’re out on your first headlining tour right now. What are the best and worst things about heading a tour?

The worst for me is when I got laryngitis and I had to cancel my Philly show. I’ve never had that before and had to go to a new doctor and put my cameras up my nose and down my throat, which was a scary experience for me.

The best part is finally being able to go be in a room with my friends who buy and stream my music and support me, and sing with them and connect with them. And also, my main bitch, Maty Noye – who’s opening for me – is my best friend and I get to be with her every night.

What do you have on your rider?

A couple things, but definitely throat coat, red bull, fruit, and chili cheese Fritto chips.

Dress: Pinko, Belt: Pinko, Earrings: Borgioni, Bangle: Borgioni, Boots: Chiara Ferragni Collection

Top: Styland, Short: Styland, Shoes: Baldinini, Rings: Borgioni, Djula

Where are you most excited to perform?

LA because that’s my hometown and all my friends and family are going to be able to come.

What can fans expect at one of your shows?

A lot of emotion and a window into what I’ve been going through for the last two years. But I sing two covers that are really important to me, and also do a tribute to XxxTentacion in each set as well.

What are the best and worst parts about growing up in a family where almost everyone is involved in the entertainment business (aka all eyes on you)?

That is the worst part – all eyes on you when growing up when you didn’t ask for it – but I’m not complaining at all. Just saying you get some extra things along the way that you don’t ask for that can cause a lot of emotional damage.

On the other hand, you and your family members are all super talented. What’s it like growing up constantly surrounded by creativity?

My grandfather inspires a lot of my creativity in my music. He was in a gospel quartet, and I like to add a lot of gospel harmonies in my music because of his influence. My merch on tour is also inspired by my dad’s merch in the ‘90s.

What’s something you’ve always wanted to conquer musically?

Growing up in LA and going to see a lot of artists perform at the Staples Center, one of my near future goals is to perform there as well.

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Shirt: Verdad Official, Pants: Verdad Official, Bangles: Borgioni

Tomboy or girly style?

I think I’m a weird mix. I kind of meet in the middle.

Favorite high-end designer?

I can’t choose, but my favorite item from a high-end brand is my Versace sneakers.

Favorite place to go out in LA?

I don’t go out. My favorite spot to hang is my couch with a big old blunt and my puppy, Ellie.

Shirt: Verdad Official, Pants: Verdad Official, Bangles: Borgioni

Dress: Pinko, Belt: Pinko, Earrings: Borgioni, Bangle: Borgioni, Boots: Chiara Ferragni Collection

Best tacos in LA?

I don’t do tacos, I do quesadillas at Tocaya.

Lip gloss or eyeshadow?


Short or long hair?

Right now I have short, but wishing I had long.

What would you first spend $$ on: makeup or shoes?


Best skincare advice?

Wash your face morning and night, never sleep in your makeup.

Best haircare advice?

Leave your conditioner in while you’re doing other things in the shower so you can let it sit and keep your hair silky.

What are some other hobbies you have? 

Sleeping, hanging with friends, making sure I’m sane, and talking to my therapist. It’s a real exciting life I live outside of music.

What’s next for Noah Cyrus?

More music, more touring, more collaborations.

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Shirt: Verdad Official, Pants: Verdad Official, Bangles: Borgioni, Collar: Marli NY

Photos/Creative Direction by Prince and Jacob

Styling by Rafael Linares @Art Dept Agency

Hair by Michael Duenas

Makeup by Kaetlin Gan

Art Direction by The Spirit Sisters

Cover Art by Lisa Yoo

Styling Assistant Phauline Quiroa 

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