Lil Mama is still expressive and true to herself with or without social media influence

Lil Mama taught us all the importance of the application of a little lip gloss back in ’07, and we still haven’t gotten over her iconic lesson (I mean, those lyrics are ingrained in my head). 

Brooklyn native, Lil Mama, has been a performing artist since 2006 and continues to grow her own empire. Since the debut of her freshman album, “VYP (Voice of the Young People),” in 2008, she has been working on her music, film, and television careers. With the help of social media, Lil Mama has stayed connected with her fanbase from her “Lip Gloss” days, and continues to stay true to her values.

We caught up with the glossy artist to talk about social media, throwbacks, and her biggest influences. Read below to check out what she is up to now!


With Sound Cloud, Instagram, Twitter and countless other platforms exposing artists easily, what was your process like getting your music out there in the beginning?

In the beginning of my music career, it was difficult to create and reach a national/international fan base. Unlike today, with the advantage of social media, when I first started out in the business there was limited outreach and promotional platforms. If an artist wanted to connect with global music fans and established musicians, we had the option of either signing a deal with a record label or hiring a manager with reputable relationships in the music industry.

We also had the option of Guerrilla Marketing, aka Grassroots Campaigning, which was the approach my family and independent record label took in the beginning. We invested into promotional vans/sprinters with photos and album tiles plastered on the surface, CD’s, posters, t-shirts etc. to promote my music in the city of New York, where I grew up.

There was a much longer process to growing my fan base in the beginning of my career, compared to the help of social platforms today. I believe that social media is a great way to connect with fans and have a direct relationship with them.

Shout out to #TheVoices, by the way!

What are your favorite throwbacks to listen to?

“Angel” by Anita Baker, “Right Thur” by Chingy, “Best Friend” by Brandy, “Shake it Fast” by Mystikal, “Lately” by Stevie Wonder, “Why Don’t We” by Amerie, “Slam” by Onyx, “Fu-gee-la” by The Fugees, and “Anything (Remix)” SWV featuring Wu-Tang Clan.

Shoes: De Blossom Collec4on
Necklaces: Vidakush

What is your favorite album of all time?

“The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill,” by Lauryn Hill.

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Who are your biggest artistic influences?

Michael Jackson, Missy Elliot, Beyonce, Lauryn Hill, and Lil Kim, just to name a few.

What were your favorite fashion trends from the early 2000’s?

Sports jerseys and velour sweat suits!

In your opinion, who were the fashion icons during that time?

Mary J. Blige, Lil Kim, Jennifer Lopez…and my mom!

What were the BEST songs on the radio?

“Super Woman” by Lil Mo and Fabolous, “Lets Get Married” remix by Jagged Edge, and “Best of Me” remix by Mya.

Earrings: The Archives Showroom
Top, Skirt, Coat: Adriana Sahar
Glasses: Retrosuperfuture
Shoes: De Blossom Collec4on
Belt: Vidakush

How have you adapted from the world you grew up in to staying relevant now online?

I have adapted by staying true to myself and being vulnerable enough to share personal experiences with my fans on social media. It’s not easy opening up to strangers, but I know how important it is for my fans to get to know the real me.

How do you feel about the social and political climate of today in contrast to when you were younger?

I feel as though social and political climate today compared to when I was younger, is a lot more informative. Before we just had the news, but there are so many platforms online now where anyone can find out information on their own.

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Dress: One Trieu by Gordana &
Earrings: Le Ciel Designs

What are your favorite beauty products right now?

There are so many! Currently, I’m obsessing over Coloured Raine Cosmetics and their Queen of Hearts palette.

What do you use for your skin care routine?

A phenomenal toner, a dry clay mask, and a great moisturizer.

If you could have one pair of shoes for the rest of your life what would they be?

Tap shoes! I would never go without music and you’ll always hear me coming.

What projects have you been working on?

I am working on film, television, and music, while in the process of completing my sophomore album and writing/ publishing my first book.

How has your style of creative expression changed since you started?

My creative expression has evolved through my music, videos, dance skills and concepts, strengthening my muscle as an actor, all while adapting to fame and growing up in the spotlight.

Creative Direction and Video by Jacqueline Kulla
Styling by Drew Manares
Photography by Tyren Redd 
Make up by Janell White
Hairstyling by Mitchell Cantrell

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