Raveena Aurora on accepting one another and having representation through sound

Using a soulful approach, Raveena Aurora is an up-and-coming musician who is redefining what it is to be inspired by culture and being an expressive artist. 

Raveena is any woman’s breath of fresh air. Cultivating a safe and warming environment for any woman alike to experience life instances along with the pain. The Indian/American R&B singer-songwriter is paving her own road of self expression.

Along with tracks such as ‘Honey,’ she is mastering the wave of sultry relaxed vibrations. Having cultural representation in any region is important, and that focus is especially alive through Raveena’s approach. Exploring through each lyrical track, Raveena is unapologetically herself.

Recently, she just finished up her sold out ‘Woman Is Holy’ Tour and debuting her first festival performance at Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival. Take a look at the vibrant interview of the self loving and expressive artist below!

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How has growing up American-Indian influenced you creatively?

Being Indian is such a blessing!! I grew up in a very Indian household- my parents immigrated only a couple years before I was born. The culture is embedded into my body.

There is an endless amount of color, beautiful sounds, film culture, and spirituality to pull from. I feel like I have so much to give into my art because I grew up surrounded by two very different, but very vibrant cultures.


What kind of things do you hope people take away from your music?

I’m just trying to make the world a kinder and softer place. I want to give people a hug thru the music – help them feel understood and loved. I hope people can feel more comfortable, free, at peace with themselves and the universe after listening to my songs or seeing my shows live.


What was the inspiration behind “Honey”?

I wanted the sound of “Honey” to be a total homage to some of the people I really admire and respect in R&B like D’Angelo and Sade. That melty yet musically intricate and absolutely pleasing sound that you can just relax and lose yourself in for a couple of minutes.

For the video, I really wanted to give the spotlight to real-life POC couples and queer couples, who don’t get nearly enough love in the mainstream in terms of representation (and representation in a sensual, uplifting way).

What kind of things inspire you to create?

Afternoon sunlight/ driving up to a pretty spot in nature after sooo many weeks of depriving yourself from that/working like crazy/ true alone time. Other powerful and creative women who do what they love also inspire me!

How would you describe your sound and style?

My art is rooted in this sense of total vulnerability, inner peace, and personal freedom. I think my sound will always be rooted in something soulful – that’s what I grew up listening to the most as a kid and the genre that I feel like speaks to my emotions, my experiences the most.  I just want to make really good, totally honest and raw music for people to feel big feelings to.

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What’s your dream tour?

I want to tour everywhere! All the continents. Im really itching to go to London, Brazil, Paris, India, and Japan ! I think my dream tour would be where i could have a really intimate and personal environment with a super engaged crowd, and money was no object and i could get super imaginative and trippy with the stage design

You recently played a show in LA – how was it?

Incredible! Been wanting to play LA forever. Every show on this tour has brought out the most beautiful people. There’s a real community of super radiant souls building around the music and I’m so grateful.

Photography by Jacqueline Kulla

Styling and Creative Direction by Jacqueline Kulla and Lisa Yoo

Wardrobe courtesy of Tropical Rob

Makeup by Lucy Bleu Knight

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