Australian influencer Tammy Hembrow talks fashion, family, and of course: fitness

When she’s not attending Kylie Jenner’s birthday party or doing deadlifts in the gym, she’s busy running a tight ship as the matriarch of her impossibly beautiful family (so still cardio, I guess, in a way).

The Australian influencer and IG superstar (actually, f*ck that, she’s real-life superstar if we’ve ever met one) isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Between her app, her new clothing line, and of course her two impossibly adorable children, Saskia and Wolf, the model certainly has her hands full.

And she doesn’t pretend it’s easy— because let’s face it, it’s not. In what she describes as a “juggling act”, the entrepreneurial mom of two explains that she’s still learning to make time for everything she loves, one day at a time. What we know for sure, though, is that she’s doing a really good job of that along the way.

Because the increasingly populated sphere of Instagram fitness is where Tammy first earned her stripes, we knew she’d be the perfect fit (oh, pun intended) for this week’s episode of, “How the f*ck do I actually approach health and fitness sustainably?”. Plus let’s face it, is any fitness advice ever enough fitness advice? Especially when coming from a fitness guru? The answer is in fact a hard no.

We asked Tammy all about her diet, her daily workout routine and what we need to do to stay in shape this Fall. Essentially: fitness for dummies. However, it’s clear that Hembrow is excelling in the realm of non-fitness as well, and she also tells us all about her app, her clothing line, and her little babies!

Find out how the mom of two does it all (and still made time to talk to us, somehow?) read below for the exclusive photos and interview.

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So, how do you manage to balance work and family life? What are your tips for other working women with families?

It’s still a juggling act for me. I honestly just try my best to manage my time and plan, but being a mum, you know that sometimes planning goes out the window. If there is anything I’ve learned that I can pass on it’s not to beat myself up about failure. You can’t do everything right all the time, failing is a part of being a parent and a business owner. You learn from your mistakes and you’re often smarter from it.

When did you first get into fitness? How did you manage to stay motivated?

I first got into fitness in my late teens. Working out makes me feel so much better about myself physically and mentally. Motivation is a big one for me…it’s important to make the time. I’ve found that using my app is a great guide to keeping me on track.

What’s your diet like? 

I’m quite flexible with my diet depending on what goals I’m wanting to achieve. I’m currently following my Tammy Fit app which has some great recipes for nutritious meals. I worked closely with a nutritionist to bring together meals that can complement my workouts. This is definitely helping me keep on track.

How was your experience getting back into shape, post-babies? 

With Wolf, I worked out most my pregnancy so afterwards I lost most the weight with breast feeding. I wasn’t able to start working out straight away after both my pregnancies due to C-sections. With Wolf I had an emergency one and with Saskia I had complications throughout the pregnancy, so I booked in for one.

Due to this, I couldn’t work out until I was fully healed. I focused on eating right and made sure not to rush my body. Once the doctor gave me the okay I was back at it, but I feel being conscious throughout my pregnancy of the foods I ate and keeping active when I could really helped me bounce back.

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What is the most rewarding part of what you do, and having a large platform like yours? 

I feel so lucky to be able to inspire women achieve the body they are wanting and to feel confident in their own skin. I love to hear peoples feedback and the positive responses to what I’m putting out there. I try and share as much as I can with my online community because I appreciate them all so much.

What do you hope to accomplish with your platform? 

I like to think that it’s a positive space to inspire and encourage women. I’m not perfect and believe that setting goals to improve your own personal situation is the best you can do. Hearing from women who have been inspired in any way by my platform is the best reward. I honestly feel so touched when I receive their emails or hear that they can relate.

How’s your daily workout routine? Do you have any fitness or beauty hacks that you practice every day?

Honestly, with my app I’m able to easily fit in my workouts without having to think about it. I used to write them in the notes in my phone, but now I have my app let me know what day I’m up to in my diary and my workout for that day is already there. It switches up 3 days a week and on the days I’m doing one of the 8 week programs I select from one of the single sessions.

What’s something you’d want to tell your 16 year-old self? 

To slow down. When I was 16 I was partying too hard and was a little too rebellious. I was that through most of my teen years. Looking back, I would want to look after that girl and tell her it’s going to be okay and most importantly to believe in herself because once you do there is nothing you can’t achieve.

Top 5 workouts for bikini season? 

I love my booty workouts! I do them religiously. I have two versions I interchange for a variety of exercises. I might do one for 8 weeks then swap to the other. Anything glute based is my favorite and majority of my favorite workouts are with the cable machine.

What about endeavors outside of fitness? In addition to staying fit, you seem big into fashion. What are some of your favorite brands?

I love fashion! Some of my favorites are Off White, Orseund & Iris, and Are You Am I.

Favorite fashion trends for Fall?

Because I’m based in Australia and we’re going into Spring, I haven’t really been following many Autumn trends. In saying that where I live on the Gold Coast is mostly hot, we did just come out of Winter which was a bit cooler for tracksuits and jackets but even then it’s mostly just cold at night.

You’ve come out with your own clothing line, correct? Can you tell us about that and where we can get it?

My clothing line Saski Collection ships worldwide from our website – I’ve always loved fashion and fitness so marrying the two was perfect for me. I get to wear active wear that I personally designed every day.

How did you come up with the name Saski?

My daughter’s name is Saskia, so I named my collection after her but just shortened it.

What’s your fave thing about Fall? 

Where I live on the Gold Coast Autumn isn’t that much of a season change, I guess my favorite thing about it is that it’s not Winter.

Anything you’re excited about for the future? 

I’m showcasing at New York Fashion Week, which is a massive achievement for us having only been open for a year. I also have recently launch my App, Tammy Fit which has been my biggest investment yet. I plan to grow my app and my fashion brand over the next twelve months as well as some exciting new projects I have in the works.

Do you have any fitness goals currently? What about personal goals? 

Working on continuously building my strength. People think that once you get fit it might just stop, but when I get sick or have a sluggish week I notice it in my body. It’s continuous work and I’m constantly trying to be the healthiest I can be.

Of course I slip up sometimes, I’m only human! Personally I’m working on that balance between motherhood and business. My kids are my number one priority and having them happy and healthy is my main personal goal.

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