If you think Caroline Vreeland is candid on Instagram, you should hear her new EP

Caroline Vreeland isn’t just textbook cool.

I mean, sure, she dabbles in all things cool — the modern day Jane of all trades partakes in fashion, writing, and modeling and isn’t stopping there. In between writing her sex column for CR Fashionbook and working on her new wine brand (yes, you read that right) she continues to make time for the other things that matter deeply to her, namely her music.

Caroline admits that she’s been working on her music for some time now, and is finally ready to share it with the world. Her musical inspiration, much like her style inspiration, is eclectic, and definitely can’t be put into a box.

Her EP references sentiments from Ayn Rand, and she’s described her musical stylings as Nina Simone meets Amy Winehouse.

This undoubtedly comes through in her sound, a sound she’s deemed “doomed magic.”

In short: Caroline is the living proof that women can have it all. We asked Caroline all about how she’s flexing her newest creative muscle, what made her finally decide to jump the gun and release her EP. Check out the exclusive interview and pics below!

Why did you feel like this was the time now to release your EP?

I’ve been very precious about my music for far too long. While I’m in the process of developing my next project”Please Feel,” I wanted this EP, that I wrote a year ago, to finally see the light of day.

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Can you explain the name “Like a Woman Like a Drunkard Like an Animal?”

It’s a reference to an excerpt from the Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, in which the protagonist’s mentor is explaining to him that if he follows his dreams (he does work that no one can understand) he’ll end up alone in a dark place.

A place where he will cry, like a woman, like a drunkard, and like an animal. This passage meant everything to me, and I quickly renamed the EP, which was originally supposed to be called “In Ruins.”

Where did you get the inspiration for the cover art?

Interestingly enough, there was no inspiration for this picture. It was just born one night in Cannes while I was playing around with some photographer and stylist friends.

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How would you explain your vocal sound?

Doomed magic.

Who’s this EP for?

“Like a Woman Like a Drunkard Like an Animal,” represents the first of many ever-changing music projects to come. While creating these musical versions of myself over the years, I’ve had the incredible pleasure of simultaneously building a social network of people who allow me to express my truest self to them, good or bad, night and day. This project is for them.

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Whats next for you as an artist?

I’m working on my follow up project which is my passion project, blues-based, called, “Please Feel.” Think Nina Simone meets Amy Winehouse.

What about your endeavors outside of music?

I have my first feature film coming out this year (in which I sing more unreleased original music) and I’m loving being the first ever sex and relationship columnist for CR Fashionbook. I’m also developing a bra line for large busts and am in the midst of creating my own wine brand.


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