Singer Ellise wrote the perfect anthem for falling out of love with a great guy

He’s cute, he’s sweet, he treats you like gold – but, he just isn’t the one (frowny emoji).

It’s a situation we’ve all been in.

You date or talk to a guy who’s perfect on paper. It works in the beginning, but then after a while, you realize it’s just not what it once was. The shittiest part of it all? You actually have to figure out a way to let this guy down easy, because he’s not some raging psycho or a disgustingly horny fuckboy. He’s a really great guy – just not the guy for you.

Singer and songwriter, Ellise, manages to put all of these feelings down into her new, emotional anthem, “Pinky Promise.” The song explains this exact situation perfectly – the experience of falling out of love with someone you thought you’d be with forever.

I first came across Ellise back in June when a bunch of people were sharing her track, “Ghost,” (a collab with Lil Spirit Boy) on Insta. After I listened, I instantly fell in love with her soulful vocals and super chill sound. She quickly became one of my new and upcoming favorite artists/Insta personalities, and I found myself routinely stalk her profile for outfit inspo (because who doesn’t love a girl who can rock platform heels and mini skirts?!).

With the release of the “Pinky Promise” music video, I was super excited to chat with Ellise about the track, where she gets her fashion inspiration (cuz I certainly get some of mine from her), and what’s next for her badass 19-year-old self.

Plus, she even shared some exclusive BTS from the video shoot. 

Tell us a little bit about your new single, “Pinky Promise.”

“Pinky Promise” was written from personal experience. I wrote it straight out of my first real breakup, which was an entirely new concept for me, because the songs I usual write are fiction or experiences that other people have gone through, instead of what I’ve personally gone through.

The song moves through the motions of realizing that I don’t love this boy anymore like I thought I had, and having to tell him the truth. The title is personal as well, and specific to that relationship — I named it “Pinky Promise,” because during my relationship with this boy, we used to pinky promise when we really meant what we were saying.

It was our little thing.

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The song is basically about falling out of love with someone who you’ve been with for a while. What’s your advice on handling this situation?

The really cool and organic thing about this song is that the lyrics are so real. That’s a part of the reason why I love it so much. Being in a situation where your feelings have changed about the other person is definitely hard, especially when theirs haven’t.

But, at the end of the day, you have to be real with yourself. It’s okay to be a little selfish sometimes. In my opinion, it’s better to leave a relationship the second you feel cold feet, rather than to stay in it unhappily.

What’s the best way to let someone down gently?

I’d say just to be honest in the nicest way possible. You probably still care about this person. In my case at least, this boy didn’t wrong me in any way. I just felt the relationship wasn’t right for me anymore. I let him know truthfully. It’s going to be a sad subject no matter what, but beating around the bush too much could seem disingenuous. So I say, just be real.

One of the lyrics I love in the song is, “I don’t regret the memories, but knew they wouldn’t last.” Is that a relationship mantra that you live by? Do you think it’s important not to regret past relationships and learn from them?

I definitely think so! Every relationship is a huge learning experience. I don’t regret my relationship with him. He was a nice guy and taught me a lot about what I do/don’t want out of relationships.

I think, unless your relationship was unhealthy or abusive in anyway, it’s important to try to not associate them with negative feelings, and try to remember them as learning blocks instead.

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In the song you talk about “doing things you swore you’d never do.” What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done in a relationship or to get a guy?

In the song, I meant that I had been doing all these things I never thought I would do to myself before, not really as much for the guy. While in this relationship, I stopped focusing on my music, stopped focusing on my friendships, and ultimately began losing site of my goals.

We were long distance, so I would skip out on writing sessions and meetings to go see him, just stuff like that, I wasn’t focused on myself as much as I should have been which is really unlike me.

You’ve got a really unique sense of fashion. What was the wardrobe planning process like for this video?

Thank you! The wardrobe planning is actually a really funny story. I had ordered clothes – 3 different outfits online – that were meant to come in for the shoot. But the day before, I found out they were going to get in the day after the shoot.

I was so mad, because I planned the wardrobe perfectly! The day before the video shoot, I drove to Little Tokyo trying to find something. I found the dress I wore in the video and ended up liking it more than anything I ordered online anyway.

What are 3 beauty products you MUST always have with you on set?

I did my own makeup for the video, and usually do my own makeup for most on camera things. I’d say my personal top 3 products are liquid lipstick (usually Stila), blush (TooFaced baked blush), and Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow powder!

Oh, and I’m also obsessed with setting powder and setting spray! My face is oily naturally, so I set everything a ridiculous amount.

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You’re super close with Maggie Lindemann! I love watching you guys on Instagram. What’s it like having a best friend that’s also in the same industry as you? Does she ever give you creative advice/vice versa? 

She’s one of the first friends I made when I came to LA, and we’ve been best friends since. It’s honestly really nice, because when one of us is feeling stressed about something music related or professionally, we can call each other and talk it out.

Creatively, it’s cool too, because we’re similar in a lot of ways personality wise, but also very different. Getting each other’s opinions on an outfit, a makeup look, a song, is always refreshing and new.

Lastly, what can we expect for you in the future?

Music and visuals! I’m a big lover of putting a visual to everything, I feel like it enhances the experience of a song so much. So, I’ll definitely be dropping more songs and videos throughout the year. I can’t really say much more about it, but I have a lot of surprises!

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