Avonlea creates her music and lyrics by reaching into her pain

Avonlea is an emotional lyrical awakening, and at only 18 years old, she is a musical prodigy.

Avonlea is a break-through artist who is true to her opinions and incredibly educated on what she believes in – and it shows through her music. She uses her own experiences of growing up to inspire her songwriting, and she approaches expressing herself poetically through her lyrics. Avonlea is shockingly honest when talking about the extremely tough issues that many young adults face today.

The artist’s musical talents mirror her independent nature and as she grows in success. The self-described feminist is determined in accomplishing one goal: hoping someone will find solace in her words.

With many developing projects to come, Avonlea recently debuted her newest single “Cars and Boys.” She expresses how her experiences growing up differed from the ideal romanization of teenage adolescences in films. This is a topic many of us can relate to – being an outcast is not always talked about, but Avonlea is adamant on making it a topic of conversation.

We had the chance to sit and chat with this inspiring lady – check it out below!

How were you first introduced to song writing and singing?

My family is really musical. My mom sings, my dad sings and song writes, my siblings dance and act. We ended up moving to a new place in 2010. My parents at the last second decided to put a piano they couldn’t store into my new (already very small) bedroom, to my dismay – although it ended up changing my life. I started tinkering around, teaching myself chords. Eventually I began to write my own songs. This was when I was 10. I haven’t stopped since.

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What has been a stand out moment in your career thus far?

Getting signed was amazing. I also opened for Jhené Aiko on her European tour. I remember getting the crowd of 2,000 people in Paris to sing along to my melodies. That was a highlight.

What has been your biggest challenge you’ve had to personally overcome?

Oh god, there’s a list I’m working on everyday. In music and performance, though, striving for perfection. I’m so over it. I’m tired. I don’t want to batter myself anymore!

What would your advice be to anyone struggling with insecurities?

Everyone feels exactly what you’re feeling. Everyone is depressed and hates their body. You’re not special. It’s not meant to be invalidating, it just quickly puts things into perspective – at least for me. It also gives me more empathy for the other humans struggling.

You recently released a new single “It Sucks.” What does this song mean to you?

I wrote it about a friend that deals with a lot of sickos. She gives her all to people and in return they vomit on her – figuratively and literally. We’ve all been in a place I think where we wish we didn’t have feelings for someone that isn’t good for us. It sucks.

Where do you derive most of your inspiration from lyrically?

My life – which is honestly really painful because my emotions don’t lie. Whatever I’m going through, I end up writing about. I feel like I have no privacy. But I’m really proud of what I create.

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If you weren’t an artist what do you think you’d be doing right now?

Probably taking psych classes at a junior college, having a midlife crisis.

Who are your style icons?

Rihanna and Steven Tyler.

What is your ideal date?

I don’t care where, just be a fucking good person. But also, I really like all nighters with great food.

Pros vs. Cons to social media in your opinion?

Pros are that you make connections and discover people. Cons are that we hate ourselves and what we look like because our reality is Facetuned. We think there’s something wrong with us, but perfectionism and insincerities is the issue.

Who is your favorite artist?

Freddie Mercury and Carole King are my top two. Nowadays, I LIVE for Aminé and Isiah Rishad.

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Hair by Gui Schoedler

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