Fiffany Luu doesn’t believe in trends, and it’s working out really well for her

You’ve likely seen Fiffany Luu somewhere on the internet (or perhaps you’ve bumped into her IRL, likely in Sephora). Her and her family are kind of everywhere right now. Her sister just styled Solange for the MET Gala, and Fiffany just shot an editorial with her mom.

The young beauty aficionado has taken on YouTube as her latest venture. And while she’s still getting used to being in front of the camera, she comes off as a complete pro to us.

While beauty is her passion, Luu is also focused on increasing the visibility marginalized groups have in the beauty industry and industry as a whole. We caught up with Luu and asked what she’s up to, how YouTube is treating her, and of course: how to step our beauty routines TF up.

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Read below for the exclusive interview and photos!

We love your YouTube videos! How has venturing into the world of YouTube been for you? Was it weird recording yourself at first?

Thank you! Venturing into the world of YouTube has been liberating, being able to have free creative range of what I want to say and how I express being in front of the camera is something I already do on a daily basis for work so it was an easy transition to YouTube.

Gloves: Gucci provided by Next Century, Skirt: Shayne Oliver: Boots: Vetements provided by Next Century

Tell us more about The Glam Collective.

The Glam Collective was started by my sisters and I, Kyle Luu & Dese Escobar, in order to produce & direct original content. We have worked with major brands such as Nike, Pat McGrath, & Balenciaga. Through our joint efforts Glam Collective was able to inspire & give hope for those in the LGBTQ community and show how ICONIC brands embraces the youth, culture, & diversity.

What are your beauty must-haves for this Fall?

My beauty must haves for fall are snail sheet masks, Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream, Pat McGrath’s Bronzed Seduction Palette, I love how it is VERY pigmented and rich in color. Also, Marc Jacobs mascara, & dior lip balm.

On that same note, what are some of your fashion must-haves? Any fave brands? 

I like mixing highs with lows. I’m really into young contemporary designers likes Luar, Vaquera, Area, & Telfar.

Dress: The Blonds (male models wearing Adrienne Landau)

How long did it take to perfect your everyday makeup lewk?

STILL perfecting it, every week I’m trying something new from products to routines.

What’s your favorite Fall beauty trend?

I don’t really pay attention to trends: I truly believe that wearing whatever you want and being yourself is timeless.

Top: Helmut Lang as seen by Shayne Oliver, Jacket: MSGM provided by Next Century, Shoes: Jimmy Choo provided by Next Century

We saw on your IG that you do a killer Britney impression: any other secret hidden talents? 

Yes! I can also do a killer Christina Aguilera impression

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You’ve def done some acting on some pretty major shows: where does acting stand for you right now? Is it still one of your major pursuits? 

I am fully focused on film and anything creative with my sisters in The Glam Collective.

You just worked on a campaign with your mom for i-D: how was that experience? Is modeling something you want to get into more?

The experience was so much fun especially working with my mom. It was her first campaign and it was nice to see her enjoying herself doing something new. I mainly want to focus on film now although modeling is fun because I get to play different characters.

Jacket: MSGM provided by Next Century, Skirt: American Apparel, Boots: Gucci

You’re from the DMV, right? How’s it been moving to NY? Do you miss home?

Yes, i am from the DMV! Moving to NYC has been an incredible growing experience personally and professionally . I couldn’t see myself living anywhere else. I do miss home but I try to go back every so often.

Bodysuit: Emilio Pucci provided by Next Century, Jacket: Off White

What made you move to New York in the first place?

My sister and I both knew we wanted to be somewhere in the creative industry.

Dress: MSGM Provided by Next Century, Socks: Nike , Shoes: Buffalo London, (Male models: Dolce & Gabanna provided by Next Century, Shoes: Saint Laurent)

Your Sister Kyle is a stylist and styled Solange for the MET Gala: does fashion run in the family? 

Yes, my sister and I get fashion from our Glam Mom.

What are some of your secret beauty hacks?

I like to brush my teeth after I’m down applying my makeup including lip liner, it makes your lips look more plump.

Skincare tips?

Wash your face every night before you sleep and make sure you MOISTURIZE ! I personally love using a snail sheet mask on a clean  face before bed.

Dress: Vetements

Go-to beauty brands?

Kiehl’s for moisturizing and Nars

Any projects you’re working on rn that you’re excited about?

Yes, stay tuned for those!

Photographer – Hadriel Gonzalez

Location – Monaliza Studios

Post production – NY Image Studio

Makeup: Fatimot Isadare, using MAC Cosmetics

Hair: Andrita Renee

Styling: Kyle Luu

Models: Fuji @ Fusion, Keisuke @ NEXT

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