Emma Chamberlain told me all about her new clothing line and, yes, it’s actually wearable

If you haven’t yet heard of Emma Chamberlain,

Yeah right, I don’t believe you. We must not be living in the same universe, because I’ve heard her name at least twice today and only woke up like an hour ago.

Perhaps this is because I have a 17 year-old sister who makes it a point to keep up with all things Emma. She’s the one who actually put me on to Chamberlain in the first place: she brought her up on a first name basis, under the reasonable assumption that I knew already who she was, and told me she’d already heard about something I’d brought up “in one of Emma’s videos.”

Well, one thing led to another, and here we are.

Emma Chamberlain is a 17-year-old YouTuber from Northern California whose channel is growing at a rate we’ve rarely seen before on the internet. No, seriously (I think). We’re talking 4 million subscribers and counting in under a year (will honestly likely be five million by the time you’re done reading this article).

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Emma’s immeasurable success is likely the result of a few things, perhaps most obviously her sense of humor. She is funny.

As in 70% of our conversation was probably me laughing at her impossibly zany and well-timed jokes, but I digress. Though her sense of humor is what she’s most well-known for, fans and followers alike have also taken notice of her clothes. Her style, much like her demeanor, is down-to-earth, approachable, and attainable, while still being aspirational (can somebody have an “aspirational” demeanor? I’d argue that Chamberlain in fact does).

You look at a photo of hers where the main focus isn’t even supposed to be the clothing and think, “not that I’m supposed to care, but where exactly might I go about getting myself pants like that?”.

Emma knows this. When talking with her, she explained to me that one of the most common questions she’d receive from people time and time again was, “where’d you get X?”

And, of course, she does in fact love fashion. Looking back at her YouTube, a lot of her videos are actually thrift hauls. And while Chamberlain told me that she likes to have fun and experiment with regard to her clothing, she also knows that not everyone wants to stand out completely.

Sometimes, it’s as simple as wanting something cute and well-made that’s just super easy to wear: in fact, it doesn’t get much more refreshing than that.

That’s the approach Chamberlain took to her first ever clothing line, High Key, available exclusively on Dote. Though the brand’s name “High Key” is a nod to her unapologetic approach to self-expression and her “unfiltered ways,” Chamberlain wanted to focus on doing the basics and doing them well.

The line features crowd favorites like scrunchies, tank tops, denim jackers and of course, this teddy bear coat, a self-proclaimed Emma  favorite:

And reception has been awesome, to say the least. I mean, the clothing line’s pre-sale literally sold out before fans even knew what they were buying. Emma and the Dote team blurred out the stock images for shits and giggs, something I’d never seen done before:

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In other words, the “Low Key” pre-sale sold out before fans even knew what they were buying. Like, yeah, Yeezymania was pretty crazy, but this truly is some other shit.

My sister is the prime example of the line’s success: she immediately wanted, I’m sorry, typo, needed everything the line had to offer, no questions asked — as one does.

On the real, the line is really cute, simple and wearable. And sure, you can walk into a fast fashion retailer and pick up a tank top, but the quality won’t nearly compare.

And as fast fashion continues taking hits in the retail sphere and sustainability is more of a priority, lines like High Key stand out in the increasingly saturated crowd. As Emma simply put it, she made a line out of “clothes she would actually wear.”

And that’s all we can really ask for, isn’t it?

Click here to shop High Key (or what’s left of it) and click here for Emma’s YouTube channel, though you’re likely already subscribed.

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