Rozzi gets deep down and personal about love in her new album

Rozzi was studying music at USC in Los Angeles when she was discovered and signed by Adam Levine.


The singer/songwriter was born and raised in California. She was also Adam Levine’s very first musician, before he even started his own record label. After signing, she was invited on tour with Maroon 5, where she opened for them and also toured with acts such as Kelly Clarkson and Gavin DeGraw.

She started singing and writing at age 6, creating an acapella album with her best friend in fourth grade. She has been working on an album to be released soon, with her new single “Joshua Tree” coming out today. She recently took some time to herself to have some fun, fall in love, get heartbroken, and grow as an artist. We are SO glad she did!

Her new music amazing. You can feel her emotions, and experience her pains with her through her lyrics. She has gotten extremely personal with us on these songs and allowed us to really get to know Rozzi as more than just an artist. Read the full interview below and check out her new song “Joshua Tree” today!

Who are your biggest inspirations musically? 

Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of Lykke Li, Wet, and Ariana Grande. But growing up, I learned how to sing by listening to Aretha Franklin, Beyonce, Lauryn Hill, Paul McCartney, and this incredible singer named Eva Cassidy.

You write all your own music, what is that writing process like for you? 

My songs always start with emotions – whatever I feel like I need to get out of my head. I write poems before turning them into songs and I think that’s why my songs end up being so personal. My own experiences and emotions inspire the melodies.

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When did you start writing music?

I remember making up songs in pre-school. I made no friends and used to just walk around alone singing songs I wrote on the go. In fourth grade my friend and I ‘recorded’ a bunch of original songs on her dad’s computer. We have a full acapella album under the artist name Hot Sizzlin Sisters. I think I mostly ripped Diana Ross melodies. It’s pretty powerful stuff.

Any embarrassing/funny tour stories?

I used to share the backstage area with all the guys in Maroon 5 and that meant we shared the locker room group showers. So whenever I took a shower I’d block off the room with caution tape and sing really loud so they’d know it was me in there and no one would come in. It was so stressful haha.

What is your dream venue to perform?

I want to play Red Rocks in Colorado. My dad is from Denver and my grandma still lives there so that would be special. And The Hollywood Bowl. I played there once with Maroon 5 but I’m dying to do it again. My best friend and I go there as much as possible to see shows – it’s my favorite place in LA.

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You have a new song “Joshua Tree” coming out in September, can you tell us a little about it, what can we expect??

I wrote “Joshua Tree” a week after my ex and I broke up. I remember feeling so sad that I didn’t care about writing good songs that people would like. I just needed to write songs.

The song is about knowing what was wrong with the relationship but still remembering what was great. I was hoping he was thinking of the good stuff like I was and not just the reasons we ended it. It’s the most honest song I’ve ever written.

What do you want people to know about Rozzi?

The challenges and road blocks in my career have made me a better artist. I’ve had a lot of good luck and a lot of bad luck but it’s the bad luck that gave me something to say. It’s made me way less afraid of things not going my way because that always seems to serve an incredible purpose.

How would you describe your style?

I tend to wear whatever I feel like wearing regardless of weather or occasion. Like you’ll catch me in a nice dress when I have no plans and it’s 55 degrees out. Maybe it’s like a super small act of rebellion for me or something but I’d rather wear something I like than pay too close attention to what I should wear.

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Does your everyday style differ from what you wear on stage? If so, how? 

I used to think of my stage clothes as a costume but not anymore. I think it’s because my songs have gotten so personal I don’t feel like the person I am on stage is any different than the person I am in life – I’m giving away too much of myself to disguise it!

What is your favorite album to sing along on a road trip? 

“Rumors,” by Fleetwood Mac.

Must have beauty product of the moment?

I’m very into taking care of my skin and right now I’m into anything by COSRX.

Outside of music, what do you like to do or be involved with?

I just designed a T-shirt with my friend who owns the clothing line Liana. We worked with artist Amber Vittoria to accompany my new single “Joshua Tree” and I loved the process. I definitely want to do something like that again. I’ve always been interested in politics.

My dad is a public policy professor at Stanford so growing up it wasn’t really an option not to. I want to inspire people to vote and pay attention to their local elections. I swear I wake up so excited to vote on election days – it’s such an incredible feeling to know the future is up to us.

Photos by: Serena Van

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