Salma Slims’ new video is inspired by having money bags instead of undereye bags

Salma Slims is the blue-haired, cute af, and super talented rapper that’s killing the game right now. 

She has just released her newest music video for her song, “Money Bags,” featuring Madeintyo and 24hrs. We sat down with the kick ass artist to discuss the creative direction behind the video shoot, her iconic blue hair, and what “Money Bags” is all about.

Check out the interview and music video here!

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How did the song first come about?

Money bags came about when I was in the studio last year. It’s been about a year and 6 months since I recorded it.

What is “Money Bags” about?

Dude, it’s like I work so hard and damn near get any sleep. My beauty sleep was turning into money bags being on my eyes and money being on my mind. So much to the point that I would just work extra hard at everything I did.

I’m about my money, so the only way to keep going is if I level up.

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Who came up with the styling for the video?

I styled myself for the video. Not only this video, but a majority of my photoshoots and shows.

Tell us about the blue hair!

My fans know me for having blue hair majority of the time. You might see me with different hairstyles here and there, but blue is my favorite color.

How did the video concept come about, creative direction-wise?

I had the video concept in my head for a long time, I was just waiting for the right time to fulfill it. Everyone always tells me that I look like a Barbie doll and i felt like this song was perfect for it. The directors built a set based on my ideas and we worked very well together.

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