Oh, just a typical day in the lives of Evan Ross + Ashlee Simpson

Our favorite celeb couple and Galore cover stars, Ashlee and Evan, are back on the entertainment industry scene, and we couldn’t be more excited.

The couple’s E! Network TV show, “Ashlee+Evan,” recently debuted early September, and it’s already shown long-time fans an inside peek into all things family, love, and life together as a team.

Ashlee and Evan are also back in to studio together – they recently released their first single together, titled, “I Do” (omg, they are so cute?!?).

The duo plan to release a full album sometime later this year, and after listening to “I Do,” we honestly can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store for us.

We sat down with the love birds to discuss raising children, balancing work and life (something we all struggle with), their new music, their clothing line, and more. Check out the interview and photoshoot below!

Evan’s glasses: Ray Ban

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Tell us about your new show.

Evan: At first it was just for us to document us making music together for the first time. Then we thought it would be good for people to get to know us. We also wanted it to feel more like a documentary. The people we had filming it had all done films and documentaries.

Ashlee: It’s real. It is a lot of love and is positive, and that makes it different.

What was the craziest thing that happened while filming this series?

Ashlee: I know for me it was when we went away to Palm Springs for a relaxing family weekend and Evan surprised me and all of our friends showed up (laughs).

Evan: I’m still defending myself.  I did not tell our friends that we had all of that space and a warm pool and all that!

Ashlee: Well, it was all caught on camera.

Thing you’re most excited about for the show?

Evan: I think people getting the chance to know who we really are. We’re still very private, but we wanted to invite people in on this journey.

Ashlee: Yeah, and for me it’s a chance to reconnect with so many of my fans and people who supported me. It’s also pushed me to create and express myself again, but in a way that’s authentic.

What is it like working together as a couple so closely on so many things – music, a show, and raising children?

Evan: It’s so good. We’re better together sometimes when it comes to being creative. And work takes me away a lot whether it’s because I’m doing a movie or TV, so if I have the chance to do what I love with the people I love, it’s cool. It doesn’t get better.

Do you guys ever get overwhelmed with each other, and if so, how do you work around that?

Ashlee: When I’m caught off guard I definitely have like a smile and don’t say a lot. I kinda go away for a bit and think or do whatever I have to do quietly. Then I come back and return to the moment and realize it’s all okay.

Evan: We talk about things. Communication is key. I feel we don’t hold our anger in. We have a strong commitment to each other. Every couple has ups and downs, but in the end, we “love it out.”

Tell us about the music you guys are working on together!

Evan: It’s got a lot of soul, but also a fun vibe. Ashlee’s vocals gives the songs a bit of a rock edge, too. It’s a combination of different things, but it always comes down to good melodies and music that makes you feel good.

Ashlee: Music was something that connected us right from the start. It’s been fun getting back in the studio and creating something new that’s completely us.

How would you describe the new music in two words?

Ashlee: Love. Together.

Evan: Definitely love. And Soulful.

Can we expect some amazing couple vibes in a music video for this new music?

Ashlee: We’d like to do that. We have a lot of ideas. That’s what’s so good. Between the two of us, ideas just keep flowing. We find inspiration all around.

How did your unisex clothing collab with Zadig and Voltaire come about? What was the inspiration behind the line?

Ashlee: From the beginning I was in Evan’s closet and he was in mine. I loved wearing his vintage t-shirts. We also named the line after our daughter, Jagger Snow.

Evan: And I’d feel very comfortable in her jackets or blouses. As a kid, I was never told what I could or couldn’t wear. It’s like, if you feel good in it, it’s right. I think right now with fashion, it can be whatever you want it to be.

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Favorite piece in the line?

Evan: I especially love the jackets. You can just wear them for anything and with anything. There’s a black blazer that is just amazing.

Ashlee: I love all the t-shirts that have expressions of love on them. A few pieces read ‘We don’t need permission to love.’ I think that’s so beautiful.

Why did you guys decide to create a uniquely unisex line?

Ashlee: It’s our hope that in this moment right now, we can all go from the same closet. No placement or limits. We can all share.

Evan: It’s like a canvas, and we had the chance to create. It was a way to really express ourselves. The clothing is like pieces of art.

Ashlee: Our daughter was also an inspiration.

Hardest thing about being parents?

Evan: For me it’s being away from my family. It’s just always want to be around, and it’s hard when I have to go away for work.

Ashlee: I think for me it’s about finding that balance between work and home. I’m getting better, but I just want to make sure I’m there for everyone.

Most rewarding thing?

Evan: The hugs. The snuggles.

Ashlee: Yeah, nothing beats the hugs. Well, maybe the kisses.

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How do you balance work, love, and life? What keeps you guys on track?

Evan: It takes work, but you can do it. My mom had and still has a gigantic career, but it never felt like she was away. It’s about being committed to each other and knowing your priorities.

What do you guys like to do as a family?

Evan: We do a lot of dancing. I just pick Jagger up and start dancing. Music is always in our home.

Ashlee: Dancing is our playtime. Also, we went to Disneyland this summer and had so much fun. Jagger also likes dressing up and putting on makeup.

Favorite place to vacation?

Ashlee: Paris holds a special place in my heart. We spent some time there when Evan was making a movie and had a very romantic and sexy time.

Evan: Good memories. It inspired the song “Paris” that’s on our EP.

Best memory you have of each other?

Ashlee: The first time we met still makes me smile. We met at my friend’s birthday party. Evan walked in, and I just was like, “Who is this Mr. Cool Pants?”

Evan: Then she tried dancing with me. We made out, and as I’ve said before, I think we dried-humped a bit. I know I tried to put down some of my best moves.

Ashlee: He did and still has got this bad-boy, but fun vibe going on.

What’s next for you guys?

Evan: We’re going to keep creating music, and we look forward to touring.

Ashlee: Yeah, playing live is a big plan. Also, I’d like to get back in the studio and do some pop-rock material, but now with some added soul.

Photos by Prince and Jacob

Styling by Joey Thao

Hair by Riawna Capri

Makeup by Sarah Tanno using Marc Beauty

Cover Art by Lisa Yoo

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