TRAVEL DIARY: Mariama Diallo gives us her travel tips from her Lago Atitlan trip

Hey, guys! Mariama Diallo here, and I just wanted to share some traveling tips with Galore! 

I have been traveling my whole life – I was born in guinea but went to pre-k in Canada, first grade in the United States, 3rd grade on the Ivory Coast, and moved back the Guinea until the age of 11 – which is when I officially moved to the the States (phew)!

Since then I have also traveled to London, Manchester, Sweden, Cape Town, Costa Rica, Bermuda, Guatemala, and I am currently in Thailand writing this!

Crazy life, I know. But, with all the traveling I have done, I have been able to gain some great traveling knowledge, and I’m here to share some tips with you guys!

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1. Do your research and make a list! One thing that I started doing this year when traveling was doing research about where I was traveling to. I make a checklist and actually schedule things so I can visit more places. GAME CHANGER!

2. Check the weather! This way you can pack accordingly and get your outfits ready.

3. Pack light. I always pack then double check and take some things out. You always end up wearing way less than what you actually packed, meaning you brought too much. Pack the essentials and then add a cute outfit or two just in case!


4. Make photocopies of important documents when traveling!!! Always make sure to have copies of all of your important documents, nothing is worst then being stranded in a DIR.

5. Tell your bank that you are traveling. I always make sure to tell them where and when I am traveling to avoid my card being declined while away (because it’s seriously the worst).

6. Learn about the culture of your destination. Its very important to me when I travel somewhere to actually learn about the culture and try to talk to some of the locals!

7. Be flexible, open minded, and have fun! Sometimes things don’t go as planned, and that’s okay! You are on vacation, so don’t let anything ruin your fun. Live in the moment and make the best of it!

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1. Rose water/face mist. I use “Caudalie Paris” beauty elixir and I am in love with it! I spray it on my face throughout the day and it keeps me refreshed and the smell is so relaxing.

2. Scarves when traveling somewhere where the weather is unpredictable is a must. I always pack tons of cute scarves and headbands just in case.

3. Facial products. Always bring a travel-sized face wash, toner, and moisturizer. Also, shampoo and conditioner. I find myself washing my hair a lot more when I am on vacation or traveling for work due to the weather changes. Therefore, it’s always good to have the products that you know work for you.

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4. Speaking of hair – please bring hairspray! Some of the most popular places people tend to visit during the holidays are near water, aka they are very humid. So, keep some anti-humidity hair spray in your bag and you should be good!

5. Bug spray!!!!!! Well ,this one is pretty self-explanatory. Always better to be safe than sorry!

6. Battery pack. You never know if there will be outlets when traveling or when you go exploring, so its always helpful to have an external battery around just in case.

7. Swimsuit (duh). I love going for a swim when I am traveling so I always make sure to pack a swimsuit (or two).

Photos by Jacob Dekat

Graphic Design by Lisa Yoo

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