Gigi Hadid Just Called Zayn the Love of Her Life

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malick have the kind of love story that inspires Twitter poets to pen such unique and moving tributes as, “Mommmmmmm Dadd slay.”

And now, Gigi has decided to tell the world that Zayn isn’t just the one she wants to take makeup-free selfies with, he’s the one, period.

But wait, you might be wondering as you perch on the edge of your seat, how did she know?

Because Zayn did something no f*ckboy would ever do.

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While in Paris, the city of lights and love and dick flashing, Zayn let Gigi take a picture of him sticking his tongue out and feeling himself up with Mickey Mouse hands.

For some women that would be a turnoff, but that’s the moment Gigi Hadid knew she was ready to pledge her eternal love for a boyfriend, who just like that guy you had a crush on freshman year, believes in alien abductions and smokes weed like it’s a collegiate sport.

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After all, what better way for Zayn to show he’s abandoned his fuckboy roots than to take a picture that makes him look like the biggest dweeb on the planet?

Ladies, take note, that’s how you know when you’ve changed a man.

Brava, Gigi.

[H/T Elle]

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