Melania Trump Wants to Sue the Sh*t Out of the Daily Mail

Melania Trump is pissed as fuck at the Daily Mail. So pissed, in fact, that she’s suing them.

Surprisingly, her lawsuit actually has nothing to do with her nudes that were re-surfaced last month, but it’s actually about how The Daily Mail reported that Melania used to work as an escort.

The Daily Mail published a story on August 20th that repeated a statement from Slovenian magazine Suzy (sounds legit) which claimed that the modeling agency Melania worked for in the 90s was also an escort service.

Melania was thinking of suing the Daily Mail and other outlets that repeated the rumor, including a Maryland blogger named Webster G. Tarpley, last week, according to Politico, and now she’s actually made moves.

This could be bad, bad news for The Daily Mail, especially because Melania is being represented by Charles Harder, the same attorney who represented Hulk Hogan in his vendetta against Gawker (RIP).

Three websites who also covered the claims (Tarpley’s, Bipartisan Report and Inquistr) have published apologies to Melania in hopes of saving themselves from a seriously scary lawsuit.

Unfortunately, it was too little too late, as Melania officially filed a $150 million lawsuit against the Daily Mail and Tarpley, according to Ben Jacobs of The Guardian.

What’s also crazy about this: if this lawsuit goes to court, it’ll open Melania up to discovery, meaning the lawyers will investigate every last detail of her life. Some dirt should definitely come out, but if she’s come this far, it means she’s comfortable with whatever could be unearthed in the legal process.

Weirdly enough, Donald Trump has been silent about all of this, which might be because he’s not smart enough to deal with matters of the law just yet.

Either way, it’s definitely bad news bears for the Daily Mail — the loss of which would be seriously bad for our morning reading list but great for our work productivity.

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