What It’s Really Like to Be a Male Escort

If you’ve ever seen The Wedding Date or American Gigolo, you may think you know everything about male escorts. They’re hot, they’re adoring, and if you’re as lucky as Debra Messing’s character in The Wedding Date, you may just end up dating one. But intimacy costs extra.

A new reality series on Showtime aims to reveal the ins and outs (no pun intended) of the male escort industry with the reality series Gigolos. The show highlights men that work for Cowboys4Angels, one of the most famous male escort companies based in Las Vegas.

We spoke with Garren James, the founder of Cowboys4Angels and a star of the show, to find out the dirty little secrets of the male escort industry. The going rate can range from $650 for two hours, to $17,050 for a week, so these men know what they’re doing. If you’re intrigued, read on, and tune in to Gigolos to see the sexy men behind Cowboys4Angels.

What types of events do women primarily hire male escorts for?

The women who call Cowboys4Angels do so for many reasons. Some call us to attend events such as work-related parties or social events and weddings. I would say most appointments are just for personal fun and for traveling to different destinations.

What rules do male escorts have to abide by with a client?

Our number one rule is to make a client feel as special as possible. Our job is to treat them like a queen for the night or weekend. All the men must be that perfect gentleman, [a type many women complain is] lacking in the dating world today. All of the male escort’s attention is to be focused on the client with the ultimate goal of a smile on her face the entire date.

What’s the biggest difference between male escorts vs. female escorts?

I would say the biggest difference between men and women is the amount of time booked. Women like to spend longer amounts of time with the men. The average appointment length for female escorts is one hour and our average length is four hours or overnight.

How do the men on Gigolos fit their personal relationships in with their racy careers? Do male gigolos generally stay single?

I would say most of the men do stay single. They of course will go out on free time and have fun but it is difficult to stay steady relationship while working in this industry.

What are some of the craziest things that clients have asked some of your male escorts for?

I don’t know about crazy requests, but there are the calls that I love getting. Now obviously some of our clients are adventuresses and love the idea of being in the power role by hiring someone. Others are traveling to a new city and hire someone to show them around for a fun evening.

The clients I love the most are the ones who really need our service. A lot of these special clients tell me they are going through a divorce and don’t have the ability to start something new with someone due to the battle they are involved in with their ex. To them, this no-strings-attached concept is perfect until that chapter in their life is over.

Others are finished with a divorce and feel they are rusty in the dating scene. They want to hire a professional to get them back on their feet.

Others have suffered due to some real life traumatic situation and use the agency as a stepping stone back into the dating world. These are the ones where I really feel like I am making a difference in their world. We have also had calls from several clients using us to fulfill their bucket list that have a short time to live and these are the clients I will never forget.

How many clients does the average gigolo service in a day? a week?

We have a strict policy at the agency for the men to see only one client per day, but again, these are generally longer appointments. Some men are busier than others, but all men generally get a few days off every week.

Do many gigolos have repeat clients?

Yes. We have had clients that have been booking for years with the agency. They love paying for the perfect date instead of bad date after bad date in the real world. We love our repeat clients and give them extra perks!


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