8 of Melania Trump’s Wackiest Tweets

After months of relative silence despite her husband’s presidential run, Melania Trump has been thrust into the spotlight for plagiarizing her most recent speech.

But there is one place where Melania is not only uncharacteristically vocal, but also 100% real. We’re talking about her batshit insane Twitter account.

Because Melania Trump actually rivals her husband when it comes to zany tweets. Some of them make zero sense, while others are just absurd depictions of the riches Donald Trump has showered her in.

And while we really should take pity on her because she probs doesn’t know proper Twitter etiquette, let’s still laugh about these. Here are eight of Melania’s most ridiculous tweets.

1. Seatbelt Fashion

Look at Melania’s NYC  #fashion! She looks so fashionable, you know if you look past the whack-ass seatbelt. But at least she’s a safe!

2. See you soon!

Nothing quite says “welcome home” like this faceless shot of a sex-less white tiger one-piece. I wonder if she even went swimming after this, like in a pool of hundred dollar bills or something. 

3. Edible Palm Trees

Edible palm trees? In Palm Beach? How original! Do you think she made this or one of the Trumps’ many private cooks did?

4. Afraid of soup?

Delicious, healthy, and scary. I’ve never been one to find soup scary but hey, when the soup probably costs $1,000, I would shed a tear of fear too. 

5. Queen of Angles

You have gotta give it to her, Melania knows her angles. Especially this hella awkward one, but somehow she seems to make it work.

6. Morher’s Day

Even Queen Melania is not above the occasional typo. And I don’t know why this typo is so funny to me, maybe because it’s an endorsement for QVC? Do people still use QVC, like is it a thing? 

7. The American Dream

Sprawled out across this piano, booby-licious Melania is definitely living the picturesque American Dream. Rich af husband, a few candelabras, gold crown moldings…. Oh wait, Gatsby is that you?

8. Foreshadowing??

LOL at this shot of Trump’s private plane next to Air Force One on President’s Day. Like how crazy is this foreshadowing? And it’s kind of ominous the way it looks like the Trump airplane is staring down Air Force 1, probably plotting its come-up. 

It was a great President’s Day! pic.twitter.com/UUfAGNhX

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