A Miss Universe Who Trump Insulted Became a US Citizen Just to Vote Against Him

Revenge can be a beautiful thing, but sometimes it takes 20 years to get it just right.

In 1996, the first year after Donald Trump bought the Miss Universe pageant, Alicia Macado of Venezuela walked home with the big prize.

Almost immediately, things allegedly turned sour between Miss Universe and the Donald.

Alicia claims that after her victory she gained some weight, and Donald allegedly started calling her “Miss Piggy,” “Miss Housekeeping,” and “an eating machine.”

She also says he gave her a gym membership and then surprised her by inviting a bunch of reporters to show up and take photos, which is just plain rude.

Well, it took 20 years, but this former Miss Universe finally figured out the perfect revenge: she’s become a US citizen and is doing everything in her power to prevent the Donald from becoming president and putting up a fence between the US and Mexico.

Or at least she’s making an Instagram post about it.

“I’ll be voting! All my power and my support become with my next President @hillayclinton Miss Housekeeping and Miss Piggy Can Vote @realdonaldtrump.”

For her part, Hillary Clinton is all about it.

Sorry not sorry, Donald.

[H/T Motto]

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