Why Mangoes Should Be Every Chic Stoner’s Fav Food

One of the downfalls of being a regular pot smoker is that you have to deal with the munchies from time to time.

No matter what or how I’m smoking, I tend to keep fruit and low cal things on hand in case every time I smoke a new strain. You never know when a tsunami of hunger can strike.

But one of my fav foods has always been mango, especially after smoking.

It tastes so f*cking juicy, and considering it’s fruit, it’s good for you too. However, there actually might be another reason why I tend to gravitate towards mango when high.

That’s because mango can actually increase your high, and the proof is in the science.

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Myrcene is the specific name of the terpene in mango that gives it that delicious smell.

But wtf is a myrcene? They are little aromatic carbon molecules that produce certain smells. Think of it as a type of essential oil, and myrcene is also found in the marijuana plant. It’s responsible for creating the certain aromas of marijuana, like pine, berry or pineapple.

On a cellular level, myrcene increases the ability of your body to absorb certain things, like cannabinoids. So basically, the potency of the pot, when combined with myrcene from mango, is increased.

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So not only is mango good for you and delish af, it’s also lit!

But in order to get the most optimal high, you should eat a ripe mango 45 minutes before smoking. You can even eat mango after smoking if you have the munchies, and it will still increase your high.

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